Which are the effective approaches to do away with Drug addiction?

September 2, 2021


If you observe any person in surroundings getting addicted to drugs, then its the high time that you should suggest that they visit a counselling centre in Ludhiana.


According to the psychiatrists in Ludhiana, “When the patient is a drug addict, then the course of treatment begins with the thorough evaluation which includes the following:

  • Assessment by reputed specialists:

  • Psychiatrists

  • Psychologists

  • Alcohol and Drug Counselor

  • Blood Tests

  • Urine Tests

  • Other Lab tests


As we all know that there is no sure-shot treatment for drug addiction. But several approaches are responsible for making the individual overcome the addiction and lead a drug-free life.

Note: The treatment plan entirely depends upon the type of drug used and the kind of mental health disorders that are bothering you.

The well-acclaimed treatment programs are:

Sessions like:

  • Individualistic communication with the counsellors, psychologists or the psychiatrist

  • Group sessions – In which all the people suffering from the same issue become a part of a discussions

  • Family therapy sessions – All the members of a family are consulted together to make the individual come out of the particular problem.


This is also known by the name of withdrawal therapy.

This therapy includes the gradual reduction of the drug dosage.

Also, in many cases, the intoxicating drugs are temporality substituted with the other substances like the following:

  • Methadone

  • Buprenorphine

  • Naloxone

Behaviour Therapy

It is an effective kind of psychotherapy which is performed by the psychologists or the psychiatrist. In case, owing to the dominance of the unique situations, the therapy is performed by the licensed drug and the alcohol counsellor.

With the therapy, the individuals learn;

  • Different ways to cope with the cravings for the drugs

  • The strategies which help to avoid the drugs

  • The new ways for prevention of relapse

  • How can one feel relieved by talking about the issues arising at the workplace, legal matters or in the relationships

  • How to include family members to come up with the collective solution of a particular problem.

  • Other mental health conditions are also addressed.

Self-help groups

With the help of the 12 self-model, self-help groups aim at providing the patients ultimate relief from the conditions.

Happy Patients

Parkriti Aggarawl

After my breakup with my ex, I found it difficult to keep my grief to myself and thus I started taking drugs. My parents did not know about it until I became addicted to it. When I found no way to get myself out of this drug trap, I decided to take medical assistance. I approached Manas Hospital.

Initially, I consulted with the psychologist, who dug deep to find out what was the main reason that triggered me to take drugs. Then they referred me to a psychiatrist, who was supposed to determine whether I am bothered with some mental disorder or not, which I was not, Luckily.

At last, after consulting with the drug and alcohol counsellor, it was decided to aim for rehabilitation through medications and therapies.

Now, I owe the Manas Hospital for the best of my health.

Thank You!