What to expect when you plan to consult the psychiatrist for depression?

December 31, 2020


Introduction Research has shown that adults and children experience depression. Depression is the most common chronic health issue. While depression is common, you must get medical help on time. If you are not sure where to begin, then you should consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana. See Your Primary Care Doctor If you suspect that […]


What are the topmost tips suggested by experts to successfully beat depression?

December 21, 2020


Introduction To start feeling better, it is important to take an active role in the treatment. Being a patient you must be well aware of the treatment plan. In that case, you need to work with your doctor. If you are feeling depressed then make sure to contact the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana. In this […]

What are the major reasons your sleeping pattern is getting disturbed

What are the major reasons your sleeping pattern is getting disturbed?

September 19, 2020


If you think your mental health is getting affected and you are not able to manage your daily life, then you need to seek medical help right away. Our psychiatrist is going to help you get an effective treatment plan and give you the necessary tips to manage your daily routine. Book your consultation for further details.

How major depressive disorder can be treated

How major depressive disorder can be treated and where to get the treatment?

July 11, 2020


Depression is a mental illness that may affect a person ‘s lives in multiple ways. Because multiple causes can lead to major depressive disorder, therapy strategies can vary, and there is no standard approach to manage this condition. Since “one size suits all” is not given, the experience will differ from the personal experience. Nonetheless, […]

What are the different causes of depression

Mental disorders: What are the different causes of depression?

July 7, 2020


If you face difficulty in managing your work, then you need to get help from a Psychiatrist in Ludhiana. He has not the only specialization in treating depression problems, but also helps you in the deaddiction of certain things. Events of Life Data suggests that chronic problems like long-term unemployment, partnership dysfunctional or care-free life, […]