How anxiety and fear are different from each other in terms of emotions

Psychiatrist Advice On How To Face Your Fears?

April 13, 2022


Having a little fear in life is pretty standard; instead, it helps protect yourself from any harm. It makes you more precautious. It would help you recognize any danger and let you decide on a safer option for yourself. But if those fears become a barrier in your life in attaining better opportunities that would […]

Anxiety and Depression in Children

FAQs on Anxiety in children answered by an experienced psychiatrists

April 11, 2022


Anxiety in Children Does it sound weird to you? But, it is difficult to understand how a child is dealing with Anxiety. Under the expertise of Psychiatrists in Ludhiana, this blog is dedicated to finding all the necessary answers. Apart from that, if you ever experience a change in your child’s behaviour, then make sure. […]

Mental Health How does the best psychiatrist provide treatment for PTSD

PTSD And Suicidal Thought: Find Help With The Help Of A Psychiatrist

April 5, 2022


PTSD PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a term that is used to describe the stress or depressive thoughts one gets post-trauma. It is not easy to overcome the issues by oneself. The need to let things go with the guidance of therapists or Psychiatrists in Ludhiana is essential. The suicidal thoughts and depression could be […]

Sexual Problems

Consult A Psychiatrist For Talk Therapy To Improve Your Sexual Health

April 2, 2022


It is not easy to talk to a therapist about your problems, let alone when it is about the secret of your sex life. It could kill your mood in no time and ruin your sex life. But do not worry, you are not alone in this line; there are many who feel awkward opening […]


How is a depression known to reduce sexual drive? What to do?

March 22, 2022


Have you noticed your sexual desire is low than before? Well, the state of low sex drive or loss of libido can trigger due to several factors that begin to affect daily life. If your sex drive is way too low, it can result in several complications like stress, a relationship issue, or problem sleeping. […]

What is psychotherapy, what to expect, and how it works

Which are the different types of psychotherapy provided by health experts?

March 15, 2022


Taking care of your mental health is highly crucial; otherwise, overall health getting affected is higher than ever. You must look for one of the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana to know what approach is suitable for you or how your condition can be effectively managed. In many cases, the doctor suggests psychotherapy which is like […]

What are the topmost tips to support loved ones with anxiety problems

Everything you need to know the relation b/w anxiety and alcohol use

March 11, 2022


One of the studies has pointed out that those who overdrink or even have drunk a lot in the past have higher chances of going through an anxiety disorder. The relation between anxiety and excessive use of alcohol are referred to as comorbid disorders which means these issues can come along with each other. It […]

What are the topmost signs and symptoms of mental illness in children

Learn The Beneficial Points To Consult The Child’s Psychiatrist

March 8, 2022


As a child grows up they have different emotions altogether. It’s possible that their feelings can go down like a hill slope that they don’t feel themselves or you start noticing a sudden change in their behaviour. There are several signs that a health care provider can notice and it tells that consulting the psychiatrist […]

Let’s make normal to talk the psychiatrist about anxiety and panic attack

November 23, 2021


Living in the 21st century, there are still people out there who would judge others by talking about anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias. At times, a person goes through a certain situation like a money problem, job stress, or something else which creates a feeling of stress in their mind. This is where the role […]

“Choose Right, Choose A Psychiatrist”- Visit Manas Hospital

November 20, 2021


If you have ever fallen prey to some mental condition, then you might have come across the thought – ‘What do psychiatrists do?’ First of all, I’d like to appreciate that you have recognized that there is something not right with your mental health. Believe me, it is the most difficult thing! On hearing that […]

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