Why is it important that you focus on your mental health all the time

Why is it important that you focus on your mental health all the time?

January 17, 2021


Mental health affects people of all age groups. Sometimes you have people in your family who are struggling with mental health or you know someone who lives next door. No matter who it is, it becomes important that you make them understand the importance of seeking help. You should consult a psychiatrist in Ludhiana. However, […]


Everything you need to know about child and adolescent Psychiatry

January 16, 2021


Mental health is important to improve the child’s overall well-being. Being a parent it becomes important for them to ensure their child’s mental state is in the right order. They must get an environment that makes them feel strong. Make sure that their self-confidence and esteem is improved. Consulting the psychiatrist in Ludhiana will improve […]


What all do you need to know about epileptic seizures and symptoms?

January 8, 2021


What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a common issue and many people are not aware of it. In most cases, the epilepsy condition is a childhood problem. The issue can trigger at any age and sometimes the problem will stay till the time you are old. The problem can occur at any age. The reason behind […]


What to expect when you plan to consult the psychiatrist for depression?

December 31, 2020


Introduction Research has shown that adults and children experience depression. Depression is the most common chronic health issue. While depression is common, you must get medical help on time. If you are not sure where to begin, then you should consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana. See Your Primary Care Doctor If you suspect that […]


What approach does an epilepsy doctor follow for diagnosing and seizures treatment?

December 25, 2020


Introduction Doctors are specialized in different areas. If someone has seizures then whom they need to consult. Which doctors have the expertise and skills to treat seizures. Whether you need to find the best Psychiatrist in Ludhiana or a seizures doctor you need to do research so that you come across someone who gives you […]


What all do you need to know about drug addiction counseling sessions?

December 24, 2020


Getting a proper understanding of drug addiction When you are addicted to drugs, you will find it extremely hard to resist the need for drug usage. If you do not control yourself then you are doing more harm to yourself than you can imagine. You may choose to use drugs because you like the way […]


Why see psychiatry and how consulting the psychiatrist is beneficial?

December 24, 2020


Why do you need to consult a psychiatrist? Psychiatry is the practice of medicine that is linked to therapy and mental health. When you consult the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, he is going to focus on your mental health and consider what is the main issue behind your mental health state. When you consult the best […]


What are the different types of mental health providers in Punjab?

December 22, 2020


Types Of Mental Health Providers The therapist is used for professionals who help people to train people to overcome emotional and psychological issues. Irrespective of their qualification or title, the mental health experts are aware of some type of psychotherapy. No matter what type of therapist you choose, make sure that you choose someone with […]


What are the topmost tips suggested by experts to successfully beat depression?

December 21, 2020


Introduction To start feeling better, it is important to take an active role in the treatment. Being a patient you must be well aware of the treatment plan. In that case, you need to work with your doctor. If you are feeling depressed then make sure to contact the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana. In this […]

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