Treat Your Substance Use Disorder And Addiction With A Psychiatrist

September 29, 2022


Substances Use Disorder Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is one of the most complex conditions in which you will have an uncontrollable urge to take substances despite having harmful consequences. People who are suffering from SUD have an extreme focus on using particular substances including tobacco, alcohol, or even illicit drugs. It comes to a certain […]


What Is The Importance Of Child Psychology In All Aspects Of Growing?

September 22, 2022


As the child grows and develops, the process of getting to know them becomes cherishable as a parent. It is a whole new experience to learn how your child views the world and teach them new skills. It is also fascinating to mentor them as they process their feelings and the changes in their body. […]

Your Helping Guide To Getting Relief From Stress

What are the different useful ways to get rid of stress in your daily life?

September 20, 2022


Stress is a part of everyday life! Being a part of everyday life, does it mean it can wreck your emotional and physical well-being? That is not true at all. If stress has started affecting your everyday routine adversely, it’s important to get Stress Treatment in Ludhiana without delay. Stress is complicated and problematic in […]

De-Addiction Center To Help Recover From Alcohol And Drug Abuse

September 9, 2022


We all know that addicts lose control over their harmful substance consumption leading to addiction. And that is how they get addicted. They start to lose a lot of things after getting addicted. From health to mental peace, there is no healthy component that uplifts their overall well-being. It creates havoc in a person’s personal, […]

Role Of A Child Psychologist

How important is it to consult a child psychologist in the present time?

August 22, 2022


Consult a child psychologist The term psychologist might scare some individuals because they are unaware of what they do and how they treat the problem. Thankfully, the time has changed, and people now understand how their treatment approach works. The assistance offered by the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana is the pivotal factor in living a […]

Taking Care Of Dementia Patients

7 Doctor Tips: How to be a caregiver for someone diagnosed with dementia?

August 18, 2022


Limitless care and love for dementia patients As a caregiver, you have different responsibilities on your mind, especially for someone struggling with memory or mental well-being. It’s all about giving the patient the care that they deserve. The assistance offered by the Psychologist in Ludhiana is extremely crucial for someone who has dementia or Alzheimers. […]

Everything About Conflict Resolution For Kids

Conflict resolution for kids: How to build conflict resolution skills in a child?

August 16, 2022


How to build conflict resolution skills in a child? For a child, every day is a new experience. Some might be able to deal with the same, but some might not be able to analyze everything. And in all this preventing and dealing with conflict can be problematic. And that’s why the medical expertise of […]

Psychiatric Or Neurological: What is the problem?

Can the brain figure out what the problem is between psychiatric and neurological?

August 11, 2022


Psychiatric or Neurological Problem: Can the brain tell? Often the individuals have different thoughts when there’s a discussion on autism, whether it’s a psychiatric disorder or includes some other type. Getting an understanding of the same is highly essential. And to make an informed decision, you should visit the Psychiatrists in Ludhiana to analyze the […]

Schizophrenia: Requires A Comprehensive Treatment

Schizophrenia Treatment: Need proper diagnosis and on-time evaluation

August 8, 2022


Schizophrenia Treatment Schizophrenia is a common mental disorder that affects thinking, acting, the ability to perceive things, and other things. A common mental illness can affect a person’s psychosis, making them think about things that are not true or real. And that’s why it’s essential to consult one of the known Psychiatrists in Punjab to […]

Dementia - How To Plan For The Future

What should I do in the future if I have an early onset of dementia?

August 5, 2022


Early-onset Dementia: How to plan for the future? When people talk about the dementia problem, most of them think the problem is of elderly people or old people. Although, research has shown that the early onset of dementia can even occur in individuals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. As the condition is common, the […]

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