Let’s make normal to talk the psychiatrist about anxiety and panic attack

November 23, 2021


Living in the 21st century, there are still people out there who would judge others by talking about anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias. At times, a person goes through a certain situation like a money problem, job stress, or something else which creates a feeling of stress in their mind. This is where the role […]

Epilepsy – When To Visit A Doctor? Which Are The Main Causes Of It?

November 12, 2021


Psychiatrists in Ludhiana explains, “Epilepsy is one of the disorders that are related to the central nervous system. This condition makes the brain function abnormally and thus the person succumbing to this loses the awareness and the sensations.” Please Note! In case you notice any person around you be suffering from the following symptoms, then […]

What Is Schizophrenia? What are its symptoms and how can it be treated?

November 10, 2021


According to the Psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Schizophrenia is one of the mental disorders that stays for a long time and does not let the individual to: Focus on what he or she is doing To keep a clear check of the emotions To interact with the people easily To think clearly” Has the cure for […]

How are migraine and mental health-related to each other?

October 20, 2021


Migraine and mental health are the 2 most common concerns among individuals which drastically change the way a person enjoys their life. The migraine episodes are chronic or occur in episodes that can lead to a stressful situation. If this is what is happening to you, then you need to get in touch with the […]

Get the best of mental health treatment options from Manas Hospital

October 13, 2021


Manas Hospital: Best care for mental health For mental health or psychiatric problems, getting help from the best Counselling Centre in Ludhiana is important. One of the well-known counseling centres is Manas Hospital where you and your family will get all sorts of mental health treatment options to have that peace of mind you are […]

How do manas hospital best psychiatrists provide depression treatment?

October 8, 2021


One of the population-based studies has shown that in India around 57 million (15.1%) people are affected by depression. At Manas Hospital, the best team of Psychiatrists in Ludhiana is helping the patients to deal with depression by giving a customized treatment plan. Depression: One of the common mental health issue Depression is a mental […]

How does the best psychiatrist provide treatment for PTSD?

October 5, 2021


Psychiatrist and PTSD Treatment At Manas Hospital, we have the best team of Psychiatrists in Ludhiana taking care of your mental health. One such problem is PTSD for which you need to visit our Counselling Centre in Ludhiana to get the best treatment plan for your condition. Professional help is what you need to feel […]

5 rare mental disorders which you should know about

September 25, 2021


Mental health…Hearing about these 2 words creates fear and confusion among the individuals. YES! That still happens in the 21st century. Moreover, many people are not that comfortable talking about mental health or even accept the fact that their mental health is not at peace. It is of utmost importance that you visit the best […]

How important is it for pregnant women to visit a psychiatrist?

September 21, 2021


As per the latest findings – ‘More than 20% of pregnant women get capitulated in emotional or mental disorders.’ The women who had a history of psychiatric disorders are quintessentially vulnerable to this problem. This could be one of the probable reasons why – ‘Not only the visits to the gynaecologist but psychiatrists in Ludhiana […]

Symptoms of the mental illness

Which are the signs of mental illness? When to consult a psychiatrist?

June 18, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Many people who are mentally ill and approaches us, tell us that: They have not been able to sleep the whole night. They used to cry on the little things They know that they are thinking negatively about a particular thing. They even want to stop themselves. But they […]