Best Sexologist in Punjab, Sex Problem Specialist Ludhiana

Best Sexologist in Punjab, Sex Problem Specialist Ludhiana

Sexual Problems and Depression

Despite social stigma, depression is the most common issue in men and women. Research has shown that people all over the world have some kind of depression, specifically after the age of 12. Whereas the NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) reports have shown that depression is very common in women.

This is a fact that depression can occur at any age and in anyone. Depression is of different types which are mentioned below:

  • Persistent depressive disorder (symptoms last for 2 years)
  • Psychotic depression
  • Postpartum depression (occurs in women after pregnancy)
  • Major depression
  • Seasonal affective disorder (occurs during the winter months)
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression along with anxiety disorders

For individuals facing depression can feel like they are not like others and it can cause various symptoms. The most common issue is the effect on sexual health.

You need to keep in mind to consult the doctor for the sexual problem treatment and they will let you know how to manage the condition.

How does depression affect sexuality?

The brain is considered the most sensitive sex organ. Sexual desire starts from the brain and then it comes down. The chemical named ‘neurotransmitters’ in the brain helps the cells to communicate with each other so that the sex organs get proper blood flow.

If these chemicals are not in balance then it can make the person feel depressed. Due to this, the sexual desire is nonexistent or low. Additionally, the low level of these chemicals in the body will also take away the feeling of pleasure. Depression can affect the personal relationship which in turn affects sexual pleasure and function.

In some cases, people dealing with depression experience sexual issues. The condition severity depends on how much is the state of depression along with anxiety level. A person with severe depression is more likely to face sexual issues.

You need to make sure that you seek help from the best doctor. They will address your problem and give the most effective sex problem therapy.

How do antidepressant medicines cause sexual problems?

Antidepressant medications are best and highly effective for patients dealing with depression. However, some of the drugs like SSRIs can leave an undesirable effect on the body. The most important effect it leaves on sexual functioning.

Some of the antidepressants can make it difficult for men to erect at the right time. This can greatly affect the relationship.

For both women and men, sexual issues means they are not able to get to have sexual desire or they do not know how to start. Moreover, they do not enjoy sex or do not feel like participating properly. Due to these issues, a person loses his or her self-confidence which in turn makes them feel depressed. Keep in mind, even if you increase the dose the side effects will be more severe.

What can be done to treat sexual problems?

Well, there are different ways to manage the side effects of the sexual problem which are linked with antidepressant medications without affecting the course of treatment. This means you can switch the drug which is decreasing your sexual function. Some of the antidepressants are Remeron®, Wellbutrin®, and Serzone®, as they leave fewer side effects.

In most cases, the person starts the treatment once they realize the problem associated with the sexual issue is due to medications and it can be solved. So, if you are experiencing any such issue then you should talk to the doctor right away.

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