Stress And Mental Health

घबराना और अच्छे से नींद न आने की परेशानी दे सकती है, मानसिक रोग को आमंत्रण

March 4, 2023


मानसिक रोग होता क्या हैं : बता दे की मानसिक रोग वह है, जिसमे व्यक्ति के कुछ भी समझने कहने की क्षमता न के बरारबर रह जाती है और ऐसा इसलिए होता है, जब व्यक्ति हद से ज्यादा पैसों या दूसरी चीज़ो की तरफ ध्यान देता है और उसमे वो नाकामयाब हो जाता है  विश्व […]

Don't Let Anxiety Control You

Anxiety is not worthy: Seek early anxiety treatment and live everyday life

August 4, 2022


Always Remember You have to control your thoughts instead of letting your thoughts control you! No doubt, anxiety can make everyone neglect the goodness in life. And that’s why it’s common for the person to feel emotional and physical pain. There are a few symptoms that point towards seeking immediate  Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Punjab: […]

All That you need to know about anxiety disorder manas

Anxiety This order: what is it, its common symptoms and causes?

July 22, 2022


This blog will help you navigate and be aware of anxiety and its noticeable symptoms and find ways to improve your mental health overall. With this COVID-19 breakout and the lockdown period, the last couple of years have been very difficult for many of us. And there is no surprise. To notice that the anxiety […]

Anxiety and Depression in Children

FAQs on Anxiety in children answered by an experienced psychiatrists

April 11, 2022


Anxiety in Children Does it sound weird to you? But, it is difficult to understand how a child is dealing with Anxiety. Under the expertise of Psychiatrists in Ludhiana, this blog is dedicated to finding all the necessary answers. Apart from that, if you ever experience a change in your child’s behaviour, then make sure. […]

What are the topmost tips to support loved ones with anxiety problems

Everything you need to know the relation b/w anxiety and alcohol use

March 11, 2022


One of the studies has pointed out that those who overdrink or even have drunk a lot in the past have higher chances of going through an anxiety disorder. The relation between anxiety and excessive use of alcohol are referred to as comorbid disorders which means these issues can come along with each other. It […]

What are the most effective ways which can help you to ease your anxiety?

September 8, 2021


The feeling of anxiety is normal to experience by anyone and everyone. Sometimes, we are in a certain situation that creates a feeling of anxiety which can be for minutes, days, or months. Although, in some situations, anxiety can be a serious situation and in that case, you need to consult experienced Psychiatrists in Ludhiana. […]

How anxiety and fear are different from each other in terms of emotions

How anxiety and fear are different from each other in terms of emotions?

May 29, 2021


Introduction Most people often think fear and anxiety are the same things. It is important to understand how they are different in terms of their emotions. Make sure that nothing is assumed when it comes to mental health or the person experiences different behaviors, which are not correct in any manner. Let’s make you understand […]


Why should you have an early warning sign system? How should you build it?

May 22, 2021


One of the usual scenarios during a psychiatrist appointment is that the patient tells the doctor how low and bad they feel about their life. The patient tells the doctor that they have trouble like: Not able to sleep on time Not able to enjoy the activities they love to do Cry over little things […]

Why men rape Let’s understand why psychiatrist assistance is necessary

Why men rape? Let’s understand why psychiatrist assistance is necessary?

May 21, 2021


One of the surveys has shown the sexual violence is one of the common issues, which is still prevailing in modern society. The study pointed out that 13% of the respondents have been the victim of at least one rape. The rape victims have to suffer from post-traumatic stress and they have to suffer from […]

What are the topmost tips to support loved ones with anxiety problems

What are the topmost tips to support loved ones with anxiety problems?

October 29, 2020


What is anxiety? Anxiety is the condition that creates thoughts in the mind of the person and triggers the feeling of nervousness and tension. No doubt, some level of anxiety is normal for everyone which keeps you on your toes and helps to deal with difficult situations. If this issue becomes excessive then it can […]