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Everything you need to know the relation b/w anxiety and alcohol use

March 11, 2022


One of the studies has pointed out that those who overdrink or even have drunk a lot in the past have higher chances of going through an anxiety disorder. The relation between anxiety and excessive use of alcohol are referred to as comorbid disorders which means these issues can come along with each other. It is right to say that the intake of alcohol is going to make the anxiety level worse which is the reason you have to be careful in all ways of what to do. If you are undergoing this situation then make sure to consult one of the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana to know about the right way to deal with this condition.


Understand that coping up with anxiety is right in all ways. If not done then there will be long-term consequences over time. Therefore, it’s worth consulting the mental health expert or visit one of the best  Deaddiction Centre In Ludhiana for the same so that he can diagnose the issue and how much alcoholism has affected your daily life.

 Alcohol can be a part of the life

At times, the person uses alcohol as a means to cope up with a certain condition. Although, over time it becomes a self-medication model for them and gradually over time the anxiety level gets worse. Such individuals face the problem of anxiety disorder as their sleep cycle, work production, relationships, or daily functioning is affected to a great extent. Here are some ways in which use alcohol as a means to deal with anxiety:

  • Drinking at a party to feel confident, less shy, and to socialize
  • Drinking at the end of the week to destress
  • Drinking to no longer make decisions
  • Drinking to take a break from reality
  • Drinking to fall asleep
  • Drinking to relax
  • Drinking to forget bad memories
  • Drinking to feel happy
  • Drinking to no longer feel in control
  • Drinking to numb negative thoughts and emotions
  • Drinking to feel included and connected to others

Over time the individual gets addicted towards it and they find means to make everything work. Although, the situation begins to get worse overtime and if not stopped on time then other health-related issues are likely to occur.


How is alcohol known for increasing the anxiety level?

If you think of using alcohol to deal with anxiety then there are high chances anxiety levels begin to get worse. The person can feel like drinking even more alcohol to withdraw the feeling of stress or unwanted thoughts. Overtime, it’s like a cycle which needs to be treated in all the right ways; otherwise the problem can be more severe then it would have been imagined.


How to treat anxiety disorders and alcohol use disorders?

Well, there are different treatment options that you can choose to make your mental and overall health better. Indeed! It’s always about the treatment selection that needs to be right. In case there is use of alcohol to deal with social anxiety then a number of combination methods are used like exposure therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and social anxiety. It’s like dealing with stress and other emotions to the fullest through dialectical behavior therapy.