How stress counseling from the best psychiatrists at Manas Hospital can help you?

October 18, 2021


Stress counseling to live life in a better manner At Manas Hospital, the experienced team of Psychiatrists in Ludhiana will give you the care for your mental health you deserve. Stress is one of the common scenarios in which a person struggles to enjoy their life in the way they used to. At our Counselling […]

How does the best psychiatrist provide treatment for PTSD?

October 5, 2021


Psychiatrist and PTSD Treatment At Manas Hospital, we have the best team of Psychiatrists in Ludhiana taking care of your mental health. One such problem is PTSD for which you need to visit our Counselling Centre in Ludhiana to get the best treatment plan for your condition. Professional help is what you need to feel […]

Why visit a mental health care professional – A psychiatrist or a Psychologist?

September 13, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Whenever the individual has decided to visit the mental care professionals, then it means they have taken the great step towards their mental wellness. The doctors will salute you if they come to know about your ‘Thought- Struggle’. Since not everybody is daring enough to take this decision on […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Emotional Stress? How To Deal With It?

September 9, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “If the individual is experiencing the following emotions, then it is a completely normal phenomenon. But if it is producing any negative impact on your ability to do the things, then you must visit a counselling centre in Ludhiana as early as possible. As it is signifying that you […]

Which things should you never forget to consider before meeting a psychiatrist?

August 19, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Since I have stepped in the psychiatric career, numerous patients have shared their experiences. Many of them expressed how difficult it was for them to approach a psychiatrist as the societal notions had filled his mind with fear.” Visiting the counselling centre in Ludhiana is not an easy and […]

What is anger management? How does the strategy help to control anger?

August 16, 2021


What is anger management? With anger management, the effect of anger reduces. No doubt, anger is the normal reaction to the way we feel, but sometimes it is in excess that we need to get medical help. In this case, you must learn to manage it. In this case, you need to get help from […]

What are the 4 top tips to have a comfortable psychiatric consultation?

August 11, 2021


Mental health has not got the vocal approach it should have as we are living in the 21st century. No doubt, it might be intimidating to find the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana but that does not mean that you need to stop yourself from getting the treatment. Manas Hospital is a well-known Counselling Centre in […]

What are the important tips to look for an experienced psychiatrist?

August 9, 2021


No doubt, the brain is one of the intricate organs and it is known for performing several complex things. In this condition, you must follow the right approach and for a healthy brain, you need to consult the right doctor. Our brain is the main part of our feelings, moods, and thoughts. In case, there […]

What are the topmost signs that your child needs behavioral therapy?

July 27, 2021


With childhood, it is normal to face lots of emotions. Sometimes, they are not able to channelize it properly as they are not aware of the same. No doubt, it is normal to experience emotions like sadness, anger, and frustration. Do you think it is easy for the child? Sometimes a life-changing event can take […]

An ultimate Guide On – Awareness Regarding Depression & Treatment Options

July 12, 2021


Depression – The Debilitating State of Mind When you start experiencing an intense feeling of sadness, fearfulness, anxiety and hopelessness, then it is time that you should visit the psychiatrist in Ludhiana for depression treatment. Sometimes, the couples are stressed because of sex or intercourse problems, so they should also consider approaching a psychiatrist along […]