Child Psychiatrist

Child Psychiatrist

Child Psychiatrist

The Child Psychiatrist is a medical professional who is an expert in diagnosing and treating thought and behavioral disorders in children. The psychiatrist will use his knowledge on different factors which include psychological and biological factors. This way the child with thought and behavioral disorder will get the perfect treatment plan. The treatment will include medications to control or minimize the thoughts or certain behaviors.

If your child is struggling through such conditions, then you should schedule your appointment with our child psychiatrists in Ludhiana. The doctor is highly trained and experienced to give reliable treatment which helps to address the problem of your child.

Child Psychiatrist

What does the child psychiatrist do?

If your child has ASD (Autism spectrum disorder), then the psychiatrist is the best team member to take care of your health. Children with this disorder will have thought or mood disorders that exist along with autism.
Children with autism will have other disorders like OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). The OCD is linked with behavior and for that, the psychiatrist will give suitable medication and psychiatrist intervention.
Our psychiatrist has a proper treatment plan which includes the child, your family, or another group. The treatment will include:

  • Medication
  • Behavioral therapy

The main aim of the treatment is to reduce negative behavior. The psychiatrist will also work along with other school professionals, doctors, agencies, or other organizations. This way your child’s condition will be treated in the right manner.

What will be done in the first appointment?

The initial appointment with the child psychologist will take an hour. The initial appointment is also referred to as a consultation which means the psychiatrist will consult the condition in detail.
The psychiatrist will talk to the child and you, to get all the possible information. The doctor will check all the important information like:

  • Weight
  • Blood pressure

By doing so, the doctor can give the right dosage of medication. The psychiatrist will also discuss the family background to understand if someone in the family had the same issue or not.

Detailed information is important for effective treatment

The doctor will get all the possible information during the consultation so that a better treatment plan can be made. Before visiting the doctor, you should ask your relatives regarding psychiatric or medical history.
If you have anything to share with your doctor about any type of condition or behavior, then the initial consultation is the best time to do it.
The doctor will ask your child to draw the picture of his family as it helps others to evaluate their skills. This will be done even if your child can effectively talk with you.
Additionally, the doctor will ask your child questions regarding the family and to see how he or she reacts. To get the right treatment plan, you must talk to the best doctor. Consulting the experts and trained psychiatrist will help your child to get back to the normal condition at the right time.
The doctor will schedule further appointments and also prescribe you essential medications to manage your abnormal behavior in the right way. Once the consultation is done and the detailed information is received the doctor will prepare the report as per the diagnosis and get the best treatment plan.

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