Which are the effective approaches to do away with Drug addiction?

September 2, 2021


If you observe any person in surroundings getting addicted to drugs, then its the high time that you should suggest that they visit a counselling centre in Ludhiana. Diagnosis According to the psychiatrists in Ludhiana, “When the patient is a drug addict, then the course of treatment begins with the thorough evaluation which includes the […]

What are the various harmful effects of alcohol use and dependency

What are the various harmful effects of alcohol use and dependency?

May 20, 2021


If an individual is habitual of consuming some substance and he finds it difficult to live without it, then it can be termed as the addiction or substance use disorder. This disorder impacts the mood, behaviour and functioning of the brain. The addicted patients usually know the harmful effects of consuming something in abundance, but […]

What are the different causes of depression

Mental disorders: What are the different causes of depression?

July 7, 2020


If you face difficulty in managing your work, then you need to get help from a Psychiatrist in Ludhiana. He has not the only specialization in treating depression problems, but also helps you in the deaddiction of certain things. Events of Life Data suggests that chronic problems like long-term unemployment, partnership dysfunctional or care-free life, […]