know about the length of De-addiction

What do you need to know about the duration of De-addiction treatment and its working?

August 27, 2020


Introduction If you are facing addiction, seeking treatment can be intimidating. You might wonder about what your family and friends think and how much it is going to cost and the duration of the treatment. Consulting the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana is going to help you get the best treatment plan for your recovery. The […]

How major depressive disorder can be treated

How major depressive disorder can be treated and where to get the treatment?

July 11, 2020


Depression is a mental illness that may affect a person ‘s lives in multiple ways. Because multiple causes can lead to major depressive disorder, therapy strategies can vary, and there is no standard approach to manage this condition. Since “one size suits all” is not given, the experience will differ from the personal experience. Nonetheless, […]