Why should you have an early warning sign system? How should you build it?

May 22, 2021


One of the usual scenarios during a psychiatrist appointment is that the patient tells the doctor how low and bad they feel about their life. The patient tells the doctor that they have trouble like:

  • Not able to sleep on time
  • Not able to enjoy the activities they love to do
  • Cry over little things
  • Do not want to meet anyone
  • Do not like to talk to others
  • And much more

Here the point is that during the illness a person has similar symptoms in the early phase. Some are like having trouble sleeping and sometimes there are unique symptoms. Just consider that the brief list of symptoms will be the early warning signs. Some might have less and some might have more. Although, most of the patients use the same words to describe what they are going through. It is essential that you understand them, and get medical help on time from the psychiatrist in Ludhiana so that the problem does not get worse. Moreover, the psychiatrist will be able to determine the right course of a treatment plan for your condition.

How beneficial are early warning signs systems?

The reason for your illness might vary, but some of them are common. This includes:

  • Medication change
  • Stopping the medication
  • Reducing the amount of therapy needed
  • Stressful situation

When the illness progresses and once you have had more than one episode, the chances for relapse will reduce. The problem may happen on its own. The early warning sign system is important to understand to give you a better treatment plan and prevent episodes.

The earning warning system will be a handy tool because it will take weeks or months to turn the early symptoms into a severe episode. When you notice them it means that the problem is going to occur in the future.

It is better that you start noting down the symptoms you are noticing. This way you will have time to prevent the illness from getting worse. The psychiatrist will suggest you treatment like:

  • Changes in the medication
  • Start of a therapy
  • Change in the therapy session
  • Changes in the daily life

No doubt, there are endless options, but when started at an early stage, the effect and success of these options will be better.

How can I build my warning sign system?

Let me tell you that, your psychiatrist will ask you, “When was the first time you noticed there was something different?” or “When you started noticing the problem?” In case you do not have answers to these questions, the doctor will have a proper conversation with you, so there is no need to worry about anything.

  • In most cases, the patient is having trouble sleeping.
  • Due to less sleep, there are notable symptoms like anxiety, mood switch obsession, and many other things.
  • The depressed patient will lose interest and due to anxiety, the patient will not want to talk to anyone.

In addition, someone in your family will notice a change in your behavior. So, make sure to come along with someone to your appointment.

Work in a team

Your psychiatrist and you, need to work in a team. So, if you have a mental illness there is no need to hide or think that you are different from others. Seek medical help and live a normal life.