Why men rape Let’s understand why psychiatrist assistance is necessary

Why men rape? Let’s understand why psychiatrist assistance is necessary?

May 21, 2021


One of the surveys has shown the sexual violence is one of the common issues, which is still prevailing in modern society. The study pointed out that 13% of the respondents have been the victim of at least one rape. The rape victims have to suffer from post-traumatic stress and they have to suffer from different symptoms like:

  • Memory loss
  • Emotional numbness
  • Anxiety
  • And much more

But have you ever thought, all these things can be bypassed when a man does not have the thought to rape? It is an important concern and it is high time that this question/concern should be addressed. In this blog, our Psychiatrist in Ludhiana is going to share his thoughts on why it is an important concern and what should be done.

Depicts unhealthy society

If we go in-depth, it is a puzzle that, “Why men rape?”. Social theorists believe that it depicts that it is one of the ugliest crimes but also points out that the unhealthy society where men try to disrespect and frighten them. One of the feminist writers has pointed out that rape is motivated not because of lust but the urge to dominate and control their possible sex. No doubt all men have the sexual desire but that does not mean all men rape. It can be referred to as unnatural behavior which needs to be addressed right away.

Challenging the human history

It is essential to understand that rape is not about sexual desire. Although, the situation is more serious than that and it should be considered an act of sexual attraction. Some of the facts which deserve attention are:

  • Most rape victims are childbearing age.
  • Rape is treated as a crime against the victim’s husband in certain cultures.
  • Rape victims suffer less emotional distress when they are subjected to more violence.
  • Rape takes place not only among human beings but even in animal species.
  • The count of married women and women of childbearing age is higher, who experience psychological distress after a rape

Is Rape a reproductive strategy?

One of the psychological studies has shown that men look for ways so that they can be chosen. It means having those traits which women want to have like an asymmetrical body. All the good signs also point out that their health is good.

On the other hand, some men choose the way to defeat the women and make themselves better as compared to them. They think that they need to compete with women and this way the women will find them attractive.

Kind of a sexual strategy

In simple terms, it can be considered as a way to gain access to females. Many men practice rape when they think that women are alone and unprotected. In such conditions, they have a thought that women won’t be able to do anything and they will get what they want. Over time, some men have also succeeded in passing the rape genes because of their behavior. In such cases, men’s psychological mechanism is only focused upon forcing the women and getting what they want.

Proper counseling is important

This concern must be addressed correctly. The therapy programs can help in a better way to understand what goes in their mind. No matter what option is used, it is necessary to eradicate rape from human life, so that no one has to suffer from the pain it gives – emotionally and physically.