Stress And Mental Health

घबराना और अच्छे से नींद न आने की परेशानी दे सकती है, मानसिक रोग को आमंत्रण

March 4, 2023


मानसिक रोग होता क्या हैं : बता दे की मानसिक रोग वह है, जिसमे व्यक्ति के कुछ भी समझने कहने की क्षमता न के बरारबर रह जाती है और ऐसा इसलिए होता है, जब व्यक्ति हद से ज्यादा पैसों या दूसरी चीज़ो की तरफ ध्यान देता है और उसमे वो नाकामयाब हो जाता है  विश्व […]

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Why Do You Require Talk Therapy With Medication For Bipolar Disorder?

July 7, 2022


Most of the time, people often neglect to consider talk therapy if they are already taking some medication for bipolar or are seeing a psychiatrist. But you should consider this phenomenon to have talk therapy as it might provide that extra support and effective coping mechanism to help you overcome the problem. Bipolar Disorder Treatment […]

What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder?

Which are the most common signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder?

June 11, 2022


Are you looking for the answer to a question: How do I know if I have bipolar disorder? No doubt, finding the answer can seem a bit overwhelming. Finding the necessary solution if you suspect someone in your family or you have bipolar disorder is essential. The blog will mention the most common signs and […]

How blood pressure, cholesterol drugs can treat bipolar?

August 30, 2021


Slowly, the taboo linked to mental health issues is reducing. No doubt! Still, many people don’t prefer to talk about mental health or they think there is no such problem like that. However, in this blog, our concern is to make you aware that high blood pressure and cholesterol drugs can treat bipolar and other […]


Mental Health: How did I learn my warning signs through various stages of life?

June 8, 2021


The given picture represents the different phases of how a plant grows and one day, how it becomes a tree & benefits the environment. In the same way, the human body goes through different phases of life. Be it body or mind, both experience different things. As we grow, it helps us to understand how […]

What are the 6 topmost common myths and facts about bipolar disorder

What are the 6 topmost common myths and facts about bipolar disorder?

June 2, 2021


Busting Myths About Bipolar Disorder Presently, there are many Tv shows and movies that depict bipolar disorder. Although, that information is not enough to understand this mental disorder and many myths are revolving around it. No doubt, people do experience stress daily but with bipolar disorder, it is something else and severe. The typical mood […]