Phase of life Problems Treatment

Phase of life Problems Treatment

What is the Phase of Life Issues?

Entering a new phase of life can affect your sense of self, deeply disorienting or confusing, and result in a painful emotional problem. Life events like retirement, entering middle age, divorce, diagnosed with a major illness, or losing a near & dear one can make people struggle with their daily lives.

Manas Hospital recognizes the impact major life changes can leave and offers a supportive & comprehensive therapeutic environment to process your experience and restore emotional harmony. Our team of a psychiatrist and other staff members are always there for you.

The personalized treatment will include group therapy, psychotherapy, and holistic therapy. Our team develops a strategy to help you deal with life changes. Our intensive and personalized treatment allows you to find relief and help you understand yourself.

We make sure that you gain back your self-confidence and start with the new chapter of your life.

Turning the Page

Some people face difficulty dealing with life changes as it can affect your life to live a healthy and joyful life. Due to this, it can question what is your place in this world. In the worst-case scenario, the person gets isolated from the loved ones and it can cause some serious problem of anxiety. You can find that you are not living with proper rules and you are acting in an irresponsible manner and unhealthy risks. You need to manage your identity and emotions to live a peaceful life.

Symptoms of Phase of Life issues are:
  • Extreme level of insecurity.
  • Persistent worrying & intrusive thoughts.
  • Overwhelming hopelessness.
  • Acting in a way which is not normal like behaving recklessly.

The residential setting at Manas Hospital helps to recover and live your ordinary life. Our team will give you individual therapy to help you manage your stress and integrate you into a warm & welcoming environment.

To give benefit to the person in a single group 6 clients are there. With the experienced and compassionate care, you can deal with disappointments, anger, anxiety, frustration, and sadness. Understanding the condition can help you productively manage your emotions.

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