What should I do in the future if I have an early onset of dementia?

August 5, 2022


Early-onset Dementia: How to plan for the future? When people talk about the dementia problem, most of them think the problem is of elderly people or old people. Although, research has shown that the early onset of dementia can even occur in individuals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. As the condition is common, the […]

Reasons For Rapid Mood Shift

Mental Health: Which health conditions lead to rapid Mood swings?

June 27, 2022


Introduction We all have our good and bad days, making us happy and sad. Although these mood changes are expected at one point, and afterward, they should not affect your everyday life. The mood change may likely occur because of a severe health issue. If you notice too much stress in your daily life, you […]