Reasons For Rapid Mood Shift

Mental Health: Which health conditions lead to rapid Mood swings?

June 27, 2022



We all have our good and bad days, making us happy and sad. Although these mood changes are expected at one point, and afterward, they should not affect your everyday life. The mood change may likely occur because of a severe health issue. If you notice too much stress in your daily life, you have to get Stress treatment in Punjab at the earliest to manage your overall well-being. Sometimes the change in mood is linked to hormones, substance use, mental health, and other health issues.

What are the signs you need to consult a psychiatrist?

Having mood changes is occasionally ordinary, but if you keep on having them daily so that you feel out of sight of everything, then the condition is severe. If you are having difficulty getting your emotions in control, consult one of the known Psychiatrists in Ludhiana to get everything balanced. Some of the possible signs of consulting a psychiatrist are:

  • You have difficulty controlling the urges like confronting people or the desire to spend money. Moreover, you get involved in risky behaviors.
  • Feel like ending or harming yourself
  • Problem getting enough sleep or getting out of bed.

If your loved ones notice these symptoms or you notice such a change in your near & dear one, then do ask them to consult a mental health expert.

Health conditions that lead to a massive shift in mood

The change in attitude is likely to be the reason behind a severe health condition. The health issues include mental health, hormonal changes, or substance abuse. Consult the mental health expert for  Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Punjab if you notice severe anxiety.

Now, here are some of the conditions that ensure consulting the mental health expert at the earliest.

  • Bipolar disorder

Emotions take a massive shift from happy to sad. Such mood change occurs a few times in a year, and it’s a rapid cycle.

  • Cyclothymic disorder

Mild disorder when emotions are likely to go up and down. Although less severe as compared to bipolar disorder.

  • MDD (Major depressive disorder)

MDD occurs because of extreme sadness that stays for a long time. The name clinical depression also knows it.

  • Personality disorder

Personality disorder results in rapid mood change that occurs for a short period.

  • Hormonal shift

The hormonal change or imbalance in the body triggers mood change. If you are a teen or pregnant, you can expect hormonal imbalance. It’s also why the change in body development and well-managed hormones are likely to create trouble. You need to consult the doctor to seek the most effective treatment for yourself.

  • Substance abuse

Getting addicted to unwanted substances triggers problems. Consulting a mental health expert, you will know better how to manage substance abuse. The doctor will tell you what treatment plan you need to follow.

Final word!

Make sure you exercise daily, follow a healthy diet plan, and get medical assistance on time.