What to do if a person is not ready to get the diagnosis when they are ill?

November 3, 2021


When we are ill…our body and mind can feel that. Accepting and feeling that something is wrong with our health is in human nature. But, at times a person is in denial that they need to consult the doctor. Especially, when it is about mental health people think they do not need to consult the […]

What are the reasons behind mental illness? How is it treated at Manas hospital?

July 26, 2021


According to the best psychiatrists in Ludhiana, ‘It is highly important for a person to be having a very good mental health. A mentally sick person cannot contribute to the welfare of society and the community. So a person does not only need to be mentally healthy and sound just for himself but for the […]

Symptoms of the mental illness

Which are the signs of mental illness? When to consult a psychiatrist?

June 18, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Many people who are mentally ill and approaches us, tell us that: They have not been able to sleep the whole night. They used to cry on the little things They know that they are thinking negatively about a particular thing. They even want to stop themselves. But they […]