What to do if a person is not ready to get the diagnosis when they are ill?

November 3, 2021


When we are ill…our body and mind can feel that. Accepting and feeling that something is wrong with our health is in human nature. But, at times a person is in denial that they need to consult the doctor. Especially, when it is about mental health people think they do not need to consult the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana as it is normal.

In such a state, it is important to pay a visit to the best Counselling Centre in Ludhiana to better manage your health and at the right time prevent the problem from getting worse. If you are or somebody in your known is in denial about getting medical assistance then understanding getting help at the right time is important. At Manas Hospital, the team of the best psychiatrists will allow you to cope up with this situation.

Denial of diagnosis or not accepting they are ill

The denial of diagnosis, it can make the person feel that they are all okay or there is nothing wrong with their health. Denial of diagnosis is not a willful act but it is important to be dealt with and on time. Depending on your situation, different factors have to be considered.

Anosognosia (Not being able to understand the situation)

Anosognosia is a medical condition in which a person is not aware of the situation or they don’t understand what is wrong. The brain keeps them in denial and they cannot understand that their mental health is getting worse. One of the studies has pointed out that:

  • 40% of people with bipolar disease

  • 50% of people with schizophrenia

Individuals facing the mental health issues of the above-mentioned category are in the form of denial. To put it into simple words, people facing the situation of denial of illness have altogether different perceptions about themselves.

Problem with memory

Denial of illness can impact the mental health adversely and it is possible they [hase problems with their memory. The condition is likely to get worse due to substance or collective product use. The problem of limited memory is the reason, the phase struggle to remember things.

Individuals dealing with a fear of getting treatment

In many cases, there is a stigma of not getting the treatment, or once getting diagnosed with a problem, people will consider you different. People start fearing about the treatment and it is based on assumptions & misconceptions. No matter whether the situation is valid or not, people will not accept the situation. Even after getting diagnosed, they have the feeling in their mind that the results are not correct.

Mental health experts can help in this situation

Getting help from the best psychiatrist will make it easier to cope up with the entire situation and also the loved ones will understand properly how to help the individual. The process of addressing the situation might take a long time but with the help of the therapist or psychiatrist, the person will be in the right state. They can help in:

  • Making communication better

  • Work on relationships

  • Give you an understanding on self-awareness

  • Work on the problems which are affecting you

  • Develop coping skills