Why do some people don’t admit they were wrong in a particular situation?

October 30, 2021


MISTAKES’ One of the important parts of our lives and sometimes we don’t realize what we are doing or saying. In some cases, we have enough food available at home but we still stop at the store to get the stuff that is not needed. Moreover, we all have made the mistake of thinking that we have time to reach the airport but then we reach late which might make us miss the flight. We all have made silly mistakes at some point in our lives. You know what, these things might be more difficult to deal with because it is linked to mental psychology. At Manas Hospital, many of our patients have paid a visit to our Psychiatrists in Ludhiana with the same issue. Things get tough because when someone tries to explain to them the situation they get provoked or don’t want to listen to them. Consulting the best Counselling Centre in Ludhiana is the right way to make yourself feel better and understand what is wrong with the situation or where exactly you are going wrong.

Weak psychological constitution

Well, this is kind of linked to ego or sense of self. Many people have a very fragile ego which is a kind of link of the psychological constitution. It is extremely difficult for them to understand that they made a mistake or their ego is impacted. Moreover, their fragile ego is going to impact their mind that they start doing certain things which do not seem wrong to them but they are. Moreover, they will even say that whosoever tries to argue with them continuously is going to be attacked by them. Their contradictory information about certain situations is what makes things even more difficult.

Why do some people behave like this?

To put into words, such people show behavior like this because they are psychologically fragile. People will not accept what they say because their thinking is way outside of anybody’s frame of mind. It might seem that they are extremely confident in the things they say but psychologically there is a certain issue. Talking about psychologically, it is a factor that shows that they are weak. Their egos are so fragile that they won’t even understand the situation and keep on thinking about situations that are not even right.

Get the courage and strength to accept the reality

No doubt admitting to a certain situation might not be easy for some people. Indeed! A lot of emotional strength and courage is needed to be in the present situation and accept that a mistake has been made on your end. At times, people are not even able to accept they have made mistakes, and when someone tells them about the same they cannot tolerate the situation.

Get the psychologist help

If you are experiencing any problem or someone on your own is dealing with the same, then you should get their help. Getting the psychologist’s help is extremely essential as they can help you put things in a better perspective and let you know what can be done to manage the situation.