Psychosis: What is Psychosis? What is the first episode of Psychosis?

May 24, 2021


What is Psychosis?

Psychosis or psychotic episodes are the inability to understand or work in real-life situations. It is noted by the symptoms like:

  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Thought disorganization
  • Grossly disorganized behavior

All these things are the reason for neurological and medical problems, taking certain toxic substances, or it might be a sign to start a psychiatric problem. A psychotic episode triggers in 3 phases and the length of each one of them will be different from the other.

What is the first episode of Psychosis?

First episode psychosis means the first time experiencing the symptoms with this problem. When it happens for the first time, a person might not be able to understand what he or she is going through. As the person is not familiar it will create a confusing and stressful situation. It is high time that people not take mental illness as a joke or try to hide the situation.

The first episode of Psychosis – One of our patient’s story

Last year, we had a patient named Vaishali, who was dealing with depressive disorder and anxiety. Due to her condition, she had to miss out on her college year. No doubt, it was tough for her and her family.

Preparing a treatment plan to deal with the post-post-depressive period.

Our team of psychiatrists, therapists, and school administration crafted a solid plan so that she can get to her normal life. Initially, it looked like things were getting better for her, and she will be ready to get back to her normal life.

The First Episode of psychosis

Her mother noticed that she was looking at something but it was nothing. This was one of the signs she noticed in the early phase of the depressive episode. Well! It was more than actually, it was looking like.

Later, she asked her daughter to go on a walk with her. But she refused to say that someone would hurt her, but she did not know what. She was constantly looking at something which was not even there. Her mother was worried as it was not something that she noticed in Vaishali during her depression period.

After a few days, she was talking to her daughter to make her calm and understand what she is going through.

Her mother asked her, “What is she looking at?”

Vaishali replied, “Can’t you see them? They are right behind the window and making fun of me.”

She was terrified and started crying. Her mother was scared and she right away called her psychiatrist for an emergency. Later, she came to know that it was the first episode of psychosis.

Prodromal signs – the onset of a disease

During the appointment with her psychiatrist, she was told that there might be some prodromal signs which mean it is the onset of a disease. She was worried that her daughter might have bipolar problems or schizophrenia. Her psychiatrist told her mother that she will need more help than she would earlier.

The Second Episode of Psychosis

Well! Things did not just end there. Her daughter had a second episode of psychosis. Vaishali was in her room and everyone else was sitting in the backyard. Everyone listened to her scream, the way you cannot even imagine. She was cutting her hair, crying, and talking to someone, but nobody was there. Her scream scared everyone in the family. She started singing silly songs and her situation was getting worse.

Diagnosis and treatment for Psychosis

Her psychiatrist provided her therapy and certain medications. Thankfully, within 5 to 6 days her condition was stabilized. No doubt, she needed some help to carry out the daily work. Overall, by the end of the treatment, the recovery was there.