substance abuse counselor in Ludhiana

How to look for a renowned substance abuse counselor in Ludhiana?

October 19, 2020


Find the experienced substance abuse counselor

To select the right substance abuse counselor, you must look for the options. You can even get in touch with the family and friends to recommend someone they know or have consulted.

You can find information about the specific online counselling and if they have the website then make sure to check the reviews online. This is going to tell a lot about them and how they helped others. If you see a bad review then make sure to give it important too.

Everyone’s needs are different so make sure to find someone who can meet your needs. You can speak to them over the phone or set up the initial consultation to have a better idea of how they give the treatment. You should also talk to them about the counseling sessions and they will engage with you. Substance abuse can affect mental and overall health to a great extent. If you feel your sexual performance is getting affected then consult the sexologist on time. Make sure to visit the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana to understand how you can control substance abuse.

What you should do while choosing the substance abuse counselor?

  • Trust is important

The counselor and client relationships are based on trust. If you want to see a positive change in yourself then make sure, to be honest about your issues. Look for a counselor with whom you feel safe and he listens to your issues without passing any judgment.

The best abuse counselor makes sure you are given true information. They ensure to listen to your concerns and make the necessary adjustments to make you feel comfortable.

  • Comfortable

The therapeutic relationship is personal and many feel comfortable when they consult a counselor of the same gender. Gender-matching is common while getting addiction treatment. The main aim is to ensure your comfort level so that you get better on time.

  • Approach for addiction treatment

Every abuse counselor has the way to treat addiction. Some can prefer to follow 12 steps of recovery and others might follow a holistic approach for the best treatment. Some might include your family so that you get the support you need during the recovery.

Choose the counselor who can provide you the treatment according to your condition. It is difficult to heal from addiction and it takes time. If you have a counselor by your side who knows who to formulate a treatment plan according to your needs then you have made the right choice.

  • Check the credentials

Choosing certified alcohol and drug counselors is important. Certification requires 3 years of supervised work and relevant secondary education for 300 hours. If the counselor you choose has the credentials and work experience, then you have made the right choice.