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What are the different sexual problems and dysfunction which men need to know?

October 16, 2020


Psychiatrist in Ludhiana: Every human being goes through certain life problems be it mental or physical. The problem can become severe because of a lack of awareness and this leads to a delay in getting the treatment.

One such issue of a sexual problem which is faced by men because of certain physical disappearances. The men need to be aware of the bodily dysfunctions and if you have any doubt, then clear it with the sexologist right away. In case, the health issues are taking a toll on your mental health then consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

Cardiovascular issue

If you are having issues with the erection or libido, especially when you do not know what is the reason for the problem. In that case, there is an increased risk of getting heart-related problems. The person may have prostate cancer or hormonal imbalance which can lead to changes in their sexual life.

Additionally, nerve damage or diabetes is also linked as the major reason for sexual issues. It is better to get the medical check-up done on time from the best sexologist. He will help to find the root cause of the sexual issue.

Also, it is important to have a healthy discussion with your partner so that all the issues can be addressed on time. Additionally, the doctor can help to deal with stress and the recovery is also quick.

Mental Health

We even discussed the rising awareness of mental health and it is linked with man’s sexual life. If the person has a negative state of mind then the sexual tendency is impacted and it also leads to ejaculation issues and low libido problems in men.

Mental health is extremely important no matter what. A good way to address the issue is to talk with the doctor and he can suggest to you what treatment you need to start. He can also guide you about the counselling and therapy sessions. Behavioural therapy classes, relaxation techniques, and depression management systems can also help.


In men after a certain age, the hormonal system changes. It is the cycle of age and journey of life. With age, the men’s sexual function and likeability will change. It is better to get medical attention from the doctor on time. Get the routine check-ups and take the therapy in the early life cycle so that there is no problem of dysfunction when you get older.

Standard health

If the man is fitted in real life then its sexual health is best. Ensure that you eat well and exercise daily so that you are positive for sexual health. Sexual problems can be addressed when you have positive well-being, good stamina, and hormonal balance.