Impact Of Good Friendship On Our Mental & Physical Health

Impact Of Good Friendship On Our Mental & Physical Health

May 21, 2024


For good mental health, it is important for people to build relationships with others. We are meant to live in harmony and, hence, are interdependent on one another. In this video, our expert, Dr Anshul Majan, explains the importance of friendship and how it is important for our mental and physical health. 

He explains that friendship is important and helps build stronger relationships. When people are around their friends, they feel happy and content. Since they are happy, their mental health improves, and so does their physical health. 


Dr Anshul Majan also explains different types of friends, all of which are important. Firstly, best friends. Best friends are very important in one’s life as we share all our experiences and secrets with them. Secondly, close friends who also help us to be happy. Lastly, good friends are important because they keep us sane and help foster trust and interdependence. 

As we share our secrets, good and bad, with friends, our pain is reduced, and we feel less stressed. Since we feel less stressed, our health improves, and we feel good. Good friendships and relationships can also increase our life expectancy and physical health. 

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