Dr Anshul Majan Explains The Different Migraine Trigger Points

Dr Anshul Majan Explains The Different Migraine Trigger Points

May 15, 2024


Migraine is a common problem that many people experience. They have extreme pain in the head or throbbing pain on one side of the head. This can cause nausea and vomiting too. Dr Anshul Majan from Manas Hospital explains that migraines can be triggered by various factors. In this video, he explains the different trigger points of migraines.

As per our expert Dr Anshul Majan, some trigger points can trigger migraine symptoms and cause headaches in people. These trigger points are stress, sleep disturbance or irregular sleep, light exposure (for some people), a particular smell or odour, and sudden changes in weather that can trigger migraine. 

He also explained that females have a higher risk of developing migraine due to hormones. Although migraine can be extremely unpleasant and painful, with the right approach and experts, it can be treated effectively. If you try to work on these trigger points, like avoiding too much light exposure, forming a regular sleep routine and managing your stress levels, your migraine can be improved to a greater extent. However, it is crucial to consult an expert for better and long-term relief. 


If you are experiencing a headache or migraine and need a reliable and lasting solution for the same, visit Manas Hospital. Book your consultation with our experts and get effective relief from your problems.