बेस्ट साइकेट्रिस्ट की मदद से मन की बीमारी का अब होगा हल !

मानसिक या मन की बीमारी: प्रकार, कारण, लक्षण, इलाज

April 17, 2023


मन की बीमारिया क्या है ? मानसिक या मन की बीमारी: प्रकार, कारण, लक्षण, इलाज: मन की बीमारिया क्या है इसका वास्तविक अंदाज़ा नहीं लगाया जा सकता है। पर निम्न बातो से हम जान सकते है कि ये बीमारी है क्या ; मानसिक बीमारियां ऐसी हैं जिनके बारे में मरीज को अंदाजा ही नहीं होता […]

Stress And Mental Health

घबराना और अच्छे से नींद न आने की परेशानी दे सकती है, मानसिक रोग को आमंत्रण

March 4, 2023


मानसिक रोग होता क्या हैं : बता दे की मानसिक रोग वह है, जिसमे व्यक्ति के कुछ भी समझने कहने की क्षमता न के बरारबर रह जाती है और ऐसा इसलिए होता है, जब व्यक्ति हद से ज्यादा पैसों या दूसरी चीज़ो की तरफ ध्यान देता है और उसमे वो नाकामयाब हो जाता है  विश्व […]

Uplift Your Mental Health With These Natural Ways

Must-Follow Natural Ways To Boost Your Mental Health

February 25, 2023


Have you ever noticed that you are feeling very sad and disturbed, even though nothing as such happened in your life? Nowadays, everyone comes across such mental health issues on a daily basis, but it’s not normal to have such issues. If you are also facing similar mental health issues and neither are you getting […]

Important Tips To Manage Your Stress

7 Important Health Tips That Will Helps To Manage Your Stress Effectively

January 11, 2023


Stress has become an essential issue of concern nowadays; most people in this modern era cannot live their lives productively and happily due to stress. They have financial stress, work stress, relationship stress, career stress, and so on.  Too much stress is the invitation to several health disorders such as depression, high blood pressure and […]

Substance Abuse Treatment

Psychiatrist Guide: Untying the knot of mental health and substance abuse

November 15, 2022


Mental health issues and substance abuse occurring at once? No doubt, when two disorders occur together, it creates a stressful situation regarding what needs to be done. Going for dual diagnosis under the supervision of the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana allows one to tell the most appropriate treatment plan to handle the situation. Well, here […]

How does omega-3 fatty acid help patients with mental disorders?

October 13, 2022


You can find omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil and search in Marine Algae. In fact, people diagnosed with depression, less and those nations where they eat large amounts of fish. Scientists have also researched whether fish oils help prevent or treat depression and other Mood disorders. According to the Psychiatrists in Ludhiana, two omega-3 […]

Stress And Mental Health

Mental health guide: Excess stress can impact the mental wellness

July 4, 2022


Stress and mental health: Need medical assistance Stress is the body’s normal reaction to physical, financial, emotional, survival, or health concerns. A stressful event sometimes triggers problems and causes the person to suffer from extreme stress levels. Moreover, if you have stress for an extended period, it’s essential to take prompt action, as it can […]


CBIT Treatment: Is it possible CBIT can work for Tourette’s and tic disorders?

July 4, 2022


Cognitive Behavioral Intervention Therapy (CBIT) CBIT works as one of the treatment options to promote mental wellness. One such condition is TICS which means involuntary and repetitive movements in the body like: Facial grimaces Eye blinking Sniffling noises CBIT Treatment: Is it possible CBIT can work for Tourette’s and tic disorders? On-time diagnosis of the […]

Reasons For Rapid Mood Shift

Mental Health: Which health conditions lead to rapid Mood swings?

June 27, 2022


Introduction We all have our good and bad days, making us happy and sad. Although these mood changes are expected at one point, and afterward, they should not affect your everyday life. The mood change may likely occur because of a severe health issue. If you notice too much stress in your daily life, you […]

How anxiety and fear are different from each other in terms of emotions

Psychiatrist Advice On How To Face Your Fears?

April 13, 2022


Having a little fear in life is pretty standard; instead, it helps protect yourself from any harm. It makes you more precautious. It would help you recognize any danger and let you decide on a safer option for yourself. But if those fears become a barrier in your life in attaining better opportunities that would […]