Everything you should know about therapies

Is the therapist only responsible for the betterment of your mental condition?

April 5, 2024


When experts of the counselling centre in Ludhiana were asked whether all therapists are the same or do the same thing. Then they answered, “NO! Not all therapists are the same and do not treat mental problems in the same way. There could be certain similarities in framing the structure of the therapy, but the way and for how long these are performed is completely based on the type of therapist you are visiting. “


According to a psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “It is not only the therapist who should be held accountable for the healing process. Therapy can only show the best of its results if it is done in collaboration.”


Things To Know About The Therapy


It’s a partnership

Neither you nor your therapist can alone show the results of the procedure.

If you go to the therapist with the attitude that it will be only he who will be responsible for accomplishing the entire procedure then you may not get the benefitting results from the procedure.


You may or may not feel pleasant

It is not always possible for you to feel pleasure from the therapies. The therapies aim at making you free from painful memories, frustrations and feelings. You cannot get rid of them unless you face them. So it will be wrong for you if you think that the therapy sessions are always going to be the ones that provide you with pleasant feelings.


What happens in your first therapy session?

The first session for the therapy is going to be the one that provides you with a mutual connection. It will be a time for the therapist to know about your issues and determine which way will prove to be best to make the person feel better with the therapy sessions.


The initial consultation with the therapist is the most important time, which helps you to evaluate how well you can connect with the therapist.


Please Note:

Since you are going to share each and everything with your therapist, it becomes very important for you to be very comfortable with him or her. If in a certain way, you do not feel comfortable with the same, then do not give a second thought in considering some other therapist.

If you will not be comfortable and keep up with the therapy sessions with the particular therapist, then you cannot expect the results to be fruitful.


On average, how long does the therapy last?

Everyone has a different treatment. The answer to this question about how long your therapy will last depends on so many factors. The complexity of the issues one is suffering from and how grave his problem is. These are some of the crucial factors that determine the total time for which the therapy may last.


Final Comments!

You can make the most of your therapy by following a good diet and switching to the good postures of the exercises. You should give up on bad habits like the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.