What are the most effective ways which can help you to ease your anxiety?

September 8, 2021


The feeling of anxiety is normal to experience by anyone and everyone. Sometimes, we are in a certain situation that creates a feeling of anxiety which can be for minutes, days, or months. Although, in some situations, anxiety can be a serious situation and in that case, you need to consult experienced Psychiatrists in Ludhiana. […]

Which are the effective approaches to do away with Drug addiction?

September 2, 2021


If you observe any person in surroundings getting addicted to drugs, then its the high time that you should suggest that they visit a counselling centre in Ludhiana. Diagnosis According to the psychiatrists in Ludhiana, “When the patient is a drug addict, then the course of treatment begins with the thorough evaluation which includes the […]

How blood pressure, cholesterol drugs can treat bipolar?

August 30, 2021


Slowly, the taboo linked to mental health issues is reducing. No doubt! Still, many people don’t prefer to talk about mental health or they think there is no such problem like that. However, in this blog, our concern is to make you aware that high blood pressure and cholesterol drugs can treat bipolar and other […]

What will a psychiatrist do if the depression treatment is lowering the libido?

August 25, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “ No doubt, the relation between the libido and depression is vague, but yes, the treatment of either of them can make the other better.” So in case you are disturbed in your sexual life because of which you are feeling a little bit depressed or it is depression […]

Which things should you never forget to consider before meeting a psychiatrist?

August 19, 2021


According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “Since I have stepped in the psychiatric career, numerous patients have shared their experiences. Many of them expressed how difficult it was for them to approach a psychiatrist as the societal notions had filled his mind with fear.” Visiting the counselling centre in Ludhiana is not an easy and […]

What is anger management? How does the strategy help to control anger?

August 16, 2021


What is anger management? With anger management, the effect of anger reduces. No doubt, anger is the normal reaction to the way we feel, but sometimes it is in excess that we need to get medical help. In this case, you must learn to manage it. In this case, you need to get help from […]

What are the 4 top tips to have a comfortable psychiatric consultation?

August 11, 2021


Mental health has not got the vocal approach it should have as we are living in the 21st century. No doubt, it might be intimidating to find the best Psychiatrists in Ludhiana but that does not mean that you need to stop yourself from getting the treatment. Manas Hospital is a well-known Counselling Centre in […]

What are the important tips to look for an experienced psychiatrist?

August 9, 2021


No doubt, the brain is one of the intricate organs and it is known for performing several complex things. In this condition, you must follow the right approach and for a healthy brain, you need to consult the right doctor. Our brain is the main part of our feelings, moods, and thoughts. In case, there […]

What are the topmost signs that your child needs behavioral therapy?

July 27, 2021


With childhood, it is normal to face lots of emotions. Sometimes, they are not able to channelize it properly as they are not aware of the same. No doubt, it is normal to experience emotions like sadness, anger, and frustration. Do you think it is easy for the child? Sometimes a life-changing event can take […]

What are the reasons behind mental illness? How is it treated at Manas hospital?

July 26, 2021


According to the best psychiatrists in Ludhiana, ‘It is highly important for a person to be having a very good mental health. A mentally sick person cannot contribute to the welfare of society and the community. So a person does not only need to be mentally healthy and sound just for himself but for the […]