Everything About Conflict Resolution For Kids

Conflict resolution for kids: How to build conflict resolution skills in a child?

August 16, 2022


How to build conflict resolution skills in a child?

For a child, every day is a new experience. Some might be able to deal with the same, but some might not be able to analyze everything. And in all this preventing and dealing with conflict can be problematic. And that’s why the medical expertise of the Psychiatrist in Ludhiana is the way to deal with conflict. The psychiatrist’s assistance will help your child deal with disputes and how the situation can be managed.

What are the steps to develop conflict resolution skills for kids?

Conflict is a state that everyone has to go through in their lives. Most importantly, the assistance provided by the child psychologist in Ludhiana not just helps to analyze the situation but guides towards the right steps. The right steps for conflict resolution skills are the way to strengthen everything. Therefore, it’s all important to have an open mind and further plan with the psychologist’s expertise. Now, let’s talk you through the conflict resolution for kids for effective results:

Step 1: STOP

You need to stop on time. Otherwise, everything goes out of control. Taking one step back is imperative to calm the situation. Because if the anger gets adverse, then there will be difficult for everything to get resolved.

Step 2: SAY

Try to talk about the conflict with your child. Knowing what they feel or think is important; otherwise, it can worsen the disagreement. Make sure to know exactly what they want and not.


Positive thinking, even in general life, goes a long way. So, ensure to enlighten your child on the importance of positive thinking. As a parent, you must act as an intermediary and understand how to meet both needs.

Step 4: CHOOSE

Select the option that both the children agree upon. It’s like making a fair decision to end the conflict right away.


If, by chance, there’s a scenario where making a decision is difficult. In such cases, respecting both opinions and resolving the conflict are important.

What should not be done in case of conflict in children?

You may come across a situation where trying to end the conflict does not seem to go like normal. In such cases, you might try too hard and say a few things that are not right. Therefore, here are some of the things that you should not say in case of conflict resolution for kids:

Why is it essential to understand, ‘How to deal with conflict?’

Some of the necessary points that emphasize the given factors are:

  • Make sure to develop proper communication skills and negotiation skills
  • Try to analyze which situation requires standing up for beliefs and the need for revaluation.
  • Strengthening relationships and trying to find common ground
  • Working upon accepting criticism gracefully and trying to find a new idea
  • Build up self-confidence by seeking medical assistance