What are the topmost tips to consider before you consult the psychiatrist for your mental health?

December 19, 2020


Ludhiana: People often do not understand what the psychiatrist does. They think that consulting a psychiatrist means your fun will be made.

  • Psychiatrist cannot read minds

No doubt, their job will be much easier if they can read the mind but they cannot. So, you must let them understand what you are going through. Many times, people come and they behave differently. They think that they can get immediate treatment. However, it is important to understand that it needs time and with the proper diagnosis the psychiatrist can tell you better what treatment you need.

  • Psychiatrists are not social workers or psychologists

Psychiatrists have got medical degrees. They have spent around 4 years doing the training and after that the fellowship under the guidance of experienced people. He knows the correct way of how the body interacts with the mind and after that, they can find the suitable cause of mental illness. He is going to understand your problem and then give you a suitable treatment plan.

  • You can get a hospitalization facility if needed

Most commonly the psychiatric hospitalization is done for detoxification from alcohol, drugs, suicide attempts, and psychotic episodes. The option of hospitalization can work if no other treatment plan is working for you.

  • Psychiatrists have their boundaries

While you get the treatment from psychiatrists do not expect him to go with you on a date or they will socialize with you. You might get close to the doctor after you have discussed your problem with them. But they refrain from socializing. So, make sure you do not expect anything, other than getting the treatment.

  • 24*7 emergency service

The psychiatrist is going to provide you 24 *7 emergency service. In case of an emergency, you can get in touch with the psychiatrist. If you have suicidal thoughts, you feel like you need to drink regularly, or the medication reacted in a wrong way then consult the psychiatrist right away. They will give the most effective care during emergency care.

  • A blood test cannot determine schizophrenia

The psychiatrist does not have any blood test to help you determine whether you have depression, bipolar disorder, or any other mental health issue. Your health needs to be evaluated and medical history should be checked to understand the problem you have.

  • We do not judge you

You should not get worried as you are not going to get judged. The professional and skilled psychiatrist have listened to many horror stories that you cannot even imagine. You need to make sure that you tell them about your problem in detail or do not keep anything secret from them. When you tell from all the truth they can understand better what treatment can work for you.

  • The right time to break confidentiality

This is the only time your confidentiality needs to be broken if you want to kill or harm someone. If you are having the thoughts to skill or harm someone, then the psychiatrist has to warn others.