COVID-19: How psychological and social health is impacted by COVID-19?

May 28, 2021


We hope all of you are doing good in this tough time!

COVID-19 has affected all of our lives in one way or another. It is not just our physical well-being that is declining due to this deadly virus but psychological and social life also gets affected. Research has shown that psychological well-being is impacted which includes:

  • College students
  • Children
  • Students
  • Health workers

In all, everyone is affected due to coronavirus and it can lead to post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and other types of distress. As we all know, to prevent the spread of infection it is important to take all the security measures and practice social distance. No doubt, it is essential to reduce the negative effects of pandemics. In turn, it makes it difficult for us to keep in touch with our near and dear ones.

COVID-19 is leading to prolonged stress

Due to pandemics, the stress factor has increased a lot. What all is suggested is done to benefit the community and support everyone in this tough time. But, as the current situation is, people are having a lot of difficulty with what to do. The security measures which are adopted can manage the pandemics and people are getting exposed to increased risk of:

  • Depression
  • Anxiousness
  • Post-traumatic symptoms
  • Stress

The 2 most important things which need to be focused upon includes the following:

  • Medical evaluation of the social and psychological effect on the pandemics on the individuals.
  • Identifying how the new norms are in link with the social security measures and promoting mental health.

Telepsychology – Important tool to manage the effect

As psychological health is affected due to COVID and pandemics, telepsychology is an effective tool to prevent the effect of this disease. A person is getting stressed which leads to a depressive state, anxiety, and a flow of negative thoughts.

Moreover, those who are affected by the disease need to isolate themselves and away from all social life, till they do not feel better. Due to isolation, human relations are getting impacted as people are finding it difficult to deal with the entire scenario.

COVID-19: Psychological and Social Impact of the Quarantine

Well! The fear is not just about contracting the virus but the pandemics are affecting the population in different ways like:

  • Need to stay separate from the loved ones
  • Loss of freedom
  • Feeling helpless about the situation
  • Uncertain that the disease might get advanced

All in all, these factors can negatively impact mental and psychological health & there are increased cases of suicide. People are having suicidal behaviors, specifically the ones who are living in the most affected areas, those who have lost their loved ones, those who are affected by the virus, and much more. Some people are not even able to manage the effect of quarantine.

Due to COVID-19 pandemics, people from all age groups are developing anxiety and many mental health-related issues. With this condition, behavioral and emotional changes are seen in people and it includes symptoms like:

  • Problem concentrating (76.6%)
  • Nervousness (38%)
  • Sense of loneliness (31.3%)
  • Boredom (52%)
  • Restlessness (38.8%)
  • Uneasiness (30.4%)
  • Worries (30.1%)

Studies that have been done till now have shown that the pandemic is increasing the anxiety level in young children. Mental health is also at stake because the pandemic has stopped many businesses and most of them required huge losses. Due to economic problems, mental health is declining.

Moreover, those who are at increased risk of mental disorders will face the problem in excess. Your physical and emotional health needs utmost importance and for that, you should not take anything lightly.

Why do you need to consult a psychologist?

To reduce depression and anxiety symptoms, consulting the healthcare professional on time will control the situation and that too time. As the issues are increasing, consulting psychotherapists will manage the condition. The problem is that we do not give mental health the priority it needs and this is the reason the situation is likely to get worse on time. It is important that we break the stigma linked to that mental health and at the time of pandemics, we need to consult the psychologist on time.

Educate and make yourself aware of mental health

Collaborative efforts and making yourself aware of mental health play an important role. It is important that you consult the psychiatrist in Punjab on time and get the condition evaluated by the professional. When you get psychological help, it will motivate you to get up and work every day and not worry about anything.

When you can consult the doctor for swollen fingers or abdominal pain, then why not prioritize mental health? There is no need to stop yourself from consulting a mental health expert.

Help others and consult the psychologist on time

You must consult the psychologist if you notice a change in your mental health or social well-being. There is no point in delaying the situation as it can make things worse.

Even if you notice that someone around you is dealing with mental health or having issues due to the effect of pandemics. Then make sure that you help them to consult the psychiatrist. What you can do is:

  • You should stay connected with your loved ones through social media platforms
  • Do not try to be negative or have negative thoughts come to your mind.
  • Avoid checking the COVID news continuously
  • Make sure to meditate and relax your mind, try to practice breathing techniques

You should talk the way you feel about the situation and do not try to hide anything from the psychiatrist. In case you feel anxious, depressed, or any mental health-related issues, then make sure to book your appointment with the psychiatrist on time.

Make sure that you give your mental health the utmost priority, and consult the best psychologist in your area. We are here for you to help you deal with this situation and live a normal & healthy life. Timely treatment will improve your mental health.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!