Everything you need to understand about drug and alcohol addiction

Everything you need to understand about drug and alcohol addiction

July 10, 2020


What Is Addiction?

Addiction is chronic, and relapsing brain disease which results in psychological and physical changes due to dependency on alcohol, drug, or behavior. Once the addictive disorder is formed, the person will have toxic habits that can harm them greatly. In that case, it becomes important to consult the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

Prolonged substance use will result in an addiction cycle and it results in uncomfortable symptoms. No one wants to get addicted. There are various reasons which can make the person do that which includes


Research has shown that around 40 to 60 percent of the cases are genetics which means if your parents have developed the problem then you are likely to encounter the issue.


Mental health disorders

Teens and adults are likely to develop mental disorders to develop substance abuse.


How addiction affects the brain?

Excessive substance use is likely to affect the different body parts but likely the brain gets impacted. When a person consumes drugs or alcohol, the brain will produce dopamine which triggers the reward system of the brain.

After consuming drugs for a repeated time, the person will not be able to find pleasure in enjoyable activities like spending time with family and friends. This happens because their brain is always under the effect of alcohol and drugs. If you are struggling with the problem then you need to get the treatment as soon as possible.

Recognizing and understanding

Identifying substance abuse is a complicated process. There are some signs which are obvious and while others are difficult to recognize. Many people who have the issue will find it difficult to hide the issue from dear ones. Any person can develop the issue despite the age, financial status, or culture.

How to diagnose addiction?

Identifying addiction is like diagnosing any other illness. The patient is examined to check for the symptoms and meet the specific criteria to define the illness. The major signs and symptoms to determine the substance use disorder:

●     Lack of control

Substance use in larger amounts or for a long time.

●     Desire to limit the use

Wanting to cut back on use but being unable to do so.

●     Cravings

The user experiences an urge or an intense desire to use drugs.

●     Loss of interest

Users do not attend important social or recreational activities in favor of drug use.

●     Worsening situations

Continued use despite worsened physical or psychological problems.

●     Tolerance

A need for larger amounts of the substance to achieve desired effects.

●     Withdrawal

This can be physical and emotional. Side effects may include nausea, anxiety, irritability, and vomiting.

●     Time spent

Excessive time is spent on the substance.

●     Lack of responsibility

Substance use takes priority over work, school, or home obligations.

●     Problems with relationships

Interpersonal relationships are consistently strained from drug use.