Are you facing stress This could be the reason for your bad sex drive

Are you facing stress? This could be the reason for your bad sex drive

July 29, 2020


We all are stressed in our life, some are affected less by it and some more. But, everyone denies being in this state. Stress can affect badly on various parts of your life and it definitely affetcs the most important part, which is sex. If your stress levels are high and are affecting your sex life then should reach out to the best Psychologist in Ludhiana. But before you go, check out this article first, maybe this will help you out.

Effects of stress on sex:

Medical science says that stress is directly linked to sex. When a person is undergoing stress, stress hormones are released and they hinder the release of sex hormones and thus desire to have sex. The more is the stress the lesser will be the desire for sex. If your desire and passion regarding sex is lesser than your partner, then it put a bad impact on your relationship. Sometimes, the partner starts thinking that you are not even interested in her or him. Just a little bit of work load can cost you your relationship.

Plus stress can also affect your general health and you can feel some problems like hair fall weight gain or loss too.

How can you de-stress?:

Best solution for de-stressing your mind is taking some time off, from your work and sex too. This helps in lowering down the stress hormones. You can go on a small vacation, take part in some activities like sports, cycling, tracking or swimming. These physical activities lower down the stress level of mind. This happens when adrenaline is rushed into the bloodstream during an increased heart beat. In addition to that you can practise meditation. Meditation is known to be the best healer of mind. You can not even wonder how many problems meditation can solve.

How to be stress free during sex?:

Sometimes, you are stress free. But when you are having sex, worries show up in your mind out of nowhere. These could be from work or can be personal, then your interest gets taken away in between and creates tension between you and your partner. But how to deal with it? To deal with this you have to learn how to live in the moment. You have to keep practising how to not get taken away in a moment. The special thing about this exercise is that you can practise it anywhere and anytime even during having the pleasurable time with your partner in the bed.