FAQs Concerning “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”

November 17, 2021


According to the psychiatrists in Ludhiana, “A regular mention of the OCDs is done in the news. It could be either annoying or amusing which the person can get over. People with OCD may have either a clear routine or structure. But sometimes the people who are down with OCD encounter thoughts that may create a great deal of anxiety. This condition requires you to visit a counselling centre in Ludhiana if the obsessions and compulsions are lasting for more than 1 hour and are causing major distress. These can also create problems for you at home, work or other functions.”

  • I Am Suffering From OCD. How Should I Talk To My Family And Friends About It?

It is completely your personal decision whether you want to share it with the people or not. But you should know that family and friends are great pillars of support who always wish the best for you. As far as OCD is concerned, they will help you to get out of the condition.

If you do not talk to them, they will keep on asking you why are you behaving strangely these days or so.

  • Will OCD Symptoms Keep On Getting Worse Over Time If The Person Does Not Treat Himself?

People who are suffering from mild symptoms of OCD can get improved without treatment. If your OCD is either more moderate or severe, then it does require treatment. However, there are sometimes when the symptoms may commence getting better. But there will also be the time, when these symptoms may get worse.

  • I Am Having A Family Member Who Is Diagnosed With OCD, How Can I Help Her The Best Way?

First of all, you should try to have great knowledge about OCD. You should know:

  • What is OCD like?

  • Which options are available for its treatment?

  • How should this disorder be managed?

It is required that you view compulsive disorders as a part of the medical condition. Do not judge the person. If the person is making small accomplishments, then always try to recognize them all. You need to make sure that the person is feeling secure with you and is willing to share each and everything with you.

  • If I Am Having A Member Of My Family Suffering From OCDs, Then Am I At The Risk Of Suffering From The Same?

In case, you are having a member of your suffering from OCDs, then you are at great risk of suffering from it.

Please Note!

People with immediate relatives are highly at risk of suffering from it.

Final Comments!

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