How does the treatment at manas hospital help to get rid of addiction?

How does the treatment at manas hospital help to get rid of addiction?

May 4, 2021


Addiction to everything is bad. But if you are addicted to any of the drugs or alcohol, then the situation can worsen in the future. According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “the time when an individual feels that he is stepping in the menace of drugs or alcohol, then immediately he should be contacting the psychiatrist.

How can a psychiatrist help you?

The psychiatrist can help you in the following ways:

  • Detoxification

The main aim of detoxification is to mitigate the physiological effects of alcohol and other substances. Usually, the rehab centre commences the de-addiction process by taking detoxification into account.

  • Treatment of the particular symptoms

The de-addiction programme aims at treating the symptoms of the addiction. For example: If you are physically feeling dependent on the abuse of the different substances, then the doctors will try to make you feel comfortable with your current state so that you do not feel dependent on alcohol mentally.

  • We make you feel prepared

We cannot treat you unless you feel like getting treatment. First of all, in the initial consultation, we will tell you the benefits of living a normal lifestyle without depending on something.

  • Therapy

As we all know that people only drink if they are not finding pleasure in any of the worldly affairs. So to make themselves happy and stimulate the happy hormones, the individuals get dependent on drinking. At Manas hospital, we make sure that we are treating people with variegated therapies so that they can feel pleasure in the therapies, not in the alcohol.

  • Making them leave step by step

If we ask an alcoholic person to leave alcohol, he will never be able to do so. He may leave it for one or two days because of some fear. But at the end of the day, he will again start drinking it since he has not completely gotten over the effect of the alcohol.

At manas hospital, our psychiatrist knows how to deal with drug addiction and alcohol addiction. We make them leave the alcohol and cigarettes gradually.

  • Compassionate approach

The addiction is bad not the addict is bad. At manas hospital, we know the value of love and care during the rehabilitation period so we make sure that we deal with each person with utmost compassion and love.

We have seen in many of the de-addiction and rehab centres, that the patients want to run away from there since they are not getting satisfied with the doctor’s approach to treating them.

  • Personalised treatment

The level of the addiction of each person is different and so the treatment plan should be personalised and individualised based on the addiction of each person.

  • Medications

The medication will help the patients to get rid of the addiction. These medications will not let the individuals find the substances on whom they are addicted, pleasant.

Bottom Line

The effective de-addiction treatment is only available with Manas hospital. So if you or any of your loved ones is suffering from addiction of any kind, then please contact us.