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Detailed guide on how much time the addiction treatment takes to see results

June 5, 2020


Understanding the length of rehab

People who are facing the problem of addiction might be nervous about getting the treatment. They might think about what others will think about them, what the cost will be, and how much time it will take. Keep in mind, every patient is different from others so the length of treatment can vary accordingly and it will be unique for every person.

Additionally, every patient recovery phase will be different from others as the treatment is given differently. There are many treatment options which you can choose from at the best deaddiction centre in Ludhiana. Generally, the length of the rehab program include:

  • 30-day program
  • 60-day program
  • 90-day program

While choosing the program you need to focus on what will give you the best chances of getting success. In most cases, the individuals need around 3 months to get the best results and then the entire plan will continue for recovery. Research has shown that the person will get the outcomes when the treatment duration is longer. No doubt, it might seem nerve-wracking or stressful at first but you will be extremely happy when you see the final results of the treatment.


Getting the treatment

Every individual is facing the issue of addiction differently. First of all, you need to be realistic about your expectations. Due to addiction, the way your brain and body respond changes as you have become dependent on that particular substance. To get the sober stage, it might take longer for some patients as compared to others. When you are around other patients, it makes it easier to accept the treatment effectiveness.


30-day program

A 30-day program is the best way to begin treatment. You might not know how long you need to get the treatment. With this program, you will get the option to withdraw the symptoms and you can also develop prevention techniques. You should take one step at a time and do not put pressure on yourself.


60-day program

The 60-day program is another benefit which means added support and time. With this program, you will get the time to detox yourself from the substance you are dependent on and you can undergo the therapy session to help you get relief against different situations. Additionally, you also develop healthy habits, and this way it will help you maintain sobriety.


90-day program

With the 90 day program, the person can get different benefits. In the start, it might seem a long time and you can face difficulty to manage it properly. Mostly, this program has shown the highest success rate. In this program, the person will go through evaluation, detox, therapy, and the person can be part of the self-help group. This way you can adjust your life without getting dependent on alcohol or drugs.