counseling or talk therapy can help with Depression

Is It True That Counseling Or Talk Therapy Can Help With Depression?

June 8, 2020


Depression is a serious mental disorder, almost 10 million people are suffering from this mood change. This condition affects your ability to think, interact with people, feel, and perform day-to-day activities. These days, anyone can experience depression, because of a hectic working schedule or certain other stressful events in life.

Some people think that it is not treatable, but no one can know that talking to a specialist or Psychiatrists in Ludhiana can help you to get rid of this condition. He first examines you to know about the condition, only then he recommends a treatment option accordingly. This can be done by talk therapy or simple counseling.

Types of Depression

Depression diagnosis requires a complex process involving a psychiatrist, psychologist, or other mental health professional. In general, symptoms must be present for at least two weeks, in order to be diagnosed with depression.

There are different forms of depression including, though not limited to-:

  • Major depressive disorder

  • Chronic depressive disorder

  • Seasonal affective disorder or major seasonal depressive disorder

  • Postpartum depression or peripartum onset depression

  • Bipolar disorder.

How does psychotherapy treat depression?

Psychotherapy helps people suffering from depression:

  • Understand the attitudes, feelings, and thoughts that lead to one’s depressive state.

  • Understand and identify life issues or events such as a major illness, family death, job loss, or divorce that contribute to depression and help them understand what aspects of those problems they can simply improve.

  • Get a sense of control and enjoyment back in life.

  • Learn coping techniques and the ability to solve problems.

Counselling Vs Psychotherapy

Treating depression with talk therapy is the first step where depression is mild to moderate. Before going with medicine, several specialists would be taking this path. If you are suffering from major depression, a combination of medical treatment and talk therapy may occur simultaneously. It is necessary to consider the similarities between counseling and psychotherapy before going on.

Well, both options are quite similar, in which counseling is suggested if a person is suffering from mild depression, whereas, psychotherapy is done in the case, you are suffering from a severe or major depressive disorder. This can only be done by a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist so that you can get rid of depression simply

Counseling for Depression

  • During the counseling for depression, your specialist talks to you to help you know how certain issues negatively impact your life.

  • Your specialist helps you to change your negative thinking into a positive one. This way you will be able to get rid of stress as well as depression.

  • He may also try Interpersonal therapy to treat your depression, it is a short-term method, which focuses on poor social support and interpersonal conflict. Both feelings lead you to major depression, and IPT helps you to address both issues properly.