humor or Laughing is good for mental health

Is it true that humor or Laughing is good for mental health or your mind?

July 23, 2020


Children laugh up to 400 times every day, while adults laugh just 14 times a day on average. When we laugh our body releases into our bloodstream endorphins that are automatic killers of pain. It helps one feel better and simpler to rest. 

Do you want to know how and why laughing helps us in a relaxing mind and value for mental health as well? If yes, then you need to read a given article written by our Psychologist in Ludhiana for you.

How can humor or laughter benefit our minds?

  • We are always in horrible times where nothing looked good and then somebody said something sweet or funny and the future only appeared a little better. Fun is worthy of giving happiness as well.

  • We are just starting to grasp wellbeing and humor scientifically, but the effects have been recognized to hospitals for many years. Therefore, clowns travel through clinics with children and seek to make children chuckle.

  • In a report in 2017, the Dental and Medical Research Review, almost 50 people undergoing hemodialysis were heard in comedy cards during 30-minute sessions during eight weeks (the mechanism that helps regulate the blood pressure and remove waste from the body). The blood pressure was lowered.

  • It might not heal all of our health problems, but it will surely lift the spirits if you feel a little depressed to bring immediate pain relief.

How good your well being would be laughing?

  • Laughing or joking will help you to boost immunity.

  • It is beneficial to lower stress hormones.

  • Decreases physical pain as well as discomfort and give you the strength to perform any type of activity.

  • Completely relaxes your muscles and decreases muscle strain.

  • You will be able to get rid of anxiety and tension.

  • Improves mood, while you are feeling low and upset.

How to laugh more for a better lifestyle?

  • You would first want to try to adjust your mood somewhat.

  • Tell yourself to dream. We ‘re all off, we all mess up and we all slipped and everyone

  • believed as nothing happened.

  • Expose yourself to a sense of humor. Look at a humorous video.

  • You must try to watch comedy because it gives you energy.

  • Encourage others to tell good things

  • Do not dwell on negative issues, must focus on positive things.

  • Take your funniest mate, who is always making you laugh even on silly things.

  • Please read a cool book.

  • Please ‘let you laugh’ (gravely do) for Siri or Google.

  • Enable room to smile and enjoy on your regular schedule.