Mental health A sister’s reflection over the loss of her young brother

Mental health: A sister’s reflection over the loss of her young brother

June 3, 2021


My brother’s death was sudden and unexpected. He seemed happy, healthy, and satisfied with what he had. He was excited to see her son after 3 years because he was so much into drug abuse and a toxic relationship. His partner did not help him, instead, she left him in-between, which made things even tougher for him.

After coming back from rehab, he started doing a job. We have been very close since our childhood and I was happy that his life was getting back on track. Someone has rightly said that “All that shines is not gold”. My brother was hiding that he was taking drugs again and he fell for someone, who was also addicted.

Motivated and encouragement to make the right choices

It was heartbreaking to see him like that and being his elder sister, I have always encouraged and motivated him to do better in his life, and this time also I did the same. We cannot lose hope in any situation and knowing what kind of person he was, I was told that he is much better than this and he can do better in his life.

Things were more difficult when the depression came as another battle for him. I was there for him and always encouraged him with positive affirmations. No doubt, fear was there but along with hope that one day the clouds would fade away, in the hope to see sunshine.

His mental health was getting affected

We lost our mother, at a young age which was one of the biggest turning points of our lives. Both of us and our father were very close to each other and supported each other through this tough time. But, who would know that My brother would turn to drug abuse? Although, when we noticed the change in his behavior, things were quite difficult to handle.

Throughout this phase, I kept my trust in God and had a belief that my brother will be okay. What’s even worse is that not only did we get to know about his drug addiction but he even tried to hide his mental health. Many of his close friends also supported him in this tough time and encouraged him to live a normal life.

Encouraged him to seek help for depression

We did everything we could or could do for him. For his mental health and depression, we encouraged him to seek help from a psychiatrist. But, he kept on controlling his pain and hiding his emotions & moving more towards the drug addiction. Because of what we had to go through at an early age, it was difficult for our family. No doubt, everyone was in grief but he kept on hiding his emotions. I was there for him and always encouraged him to read books, go for a walk, meditate, and many other things which will improve his mental health.

He had that charisma and personality, that everyone was drawn to him. But, no one knew that he would bury his dreams and not show or tell anyone about his pain/sadness.

Hope to talk to him more about his mental health

He was a kind and gem of a person. I wish that I would have talked to him more about his depression and personally helped him to make things better for him. Although, I wish that this story might encourage someone out there or struggle with depression, anxiety, or any mental health issue to talk with others. The same goes for the family members/friends/loved ones, it is important to provide them with the support they need.

Talk about your mental health without any shame and shed more light on it by consulting the mental health expert.