Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

What services are offered at a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility?

June 2, 2020


A psychiatric residential treatment facility is an inpatient non-hospital facility for people with mental health issues and is under 21 age. The best psychologist in Ludhiana will give the treatment for all the issues. The main aim of the treatment is to improve or stabilize the child’s condition until there is no need for therapeutic services.


Services Offered at a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility

The treatment is given according to the child’s needs and what all the issues he or she is facing. Given below are some of the treatment facilities which will be given:

  • Assessments of the child’s social, medical, emotional, and educational needs
  • Programs that involve the child’s family or support network
  • Evidence-based support
  • Psychiatric support from a child psychiatrist


What makes the Psychiatric residential treatment facility different from other treatments?

Given below are some of the factors which make this treatment facility different:

  • It is a separate and non-hospital entity, while residential treatment centers may be associated with hospitals or other facilities.
  • Treatment for people under 21, while RTCs provide treatment for people with all age groups.
  • Only allow people who have eligibility for Medicaid, while RTCs may treat individuals with other insurance types.
  • Are accredited by the Joint Commission, The Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children, The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and other accrediting organizations with comparable standards recognized by the state. Many RTCs do not have this level of accreditation.
  • Provide intensive psychiatric care, while RTCs do not give intensive services.


Who will prefer the option of a residential treatment facility?

With the psychiatric residential treatment facility, the services can be restrictive and they are only given this option when other treatments have not worked in the right way or they are considered unsafe.

Well, many these are designed for young people and they are facing the functional impairment due to sexual abuse, developmental issues, dual diagnosis, head injury, substance use, or other mental health problems.

The children who won’t get safe treatment at home can be admitted to this program. Children with violent or sexual behavior can be part of this facility. Additionally, at times the children are not able to get the right treatment plan.


Choose the best Psychiatric residential treatment facility

Given below are some of the top ways to look for the best psychiatric residential treatment facility:

  • Check if the program is licensed or not by the national or state agency.
  • Look for online reviews.
  • Find the program which you can be part of near your home. If you find the best one far away, then make sure they allow the family and friends to visit you.
  • Ensure the program focuses on encouraging positive skills and managing aggressive behavior.