Psychological Counselling for Exam Stress

How Psychological counseling prove beneficial to deal with exam stress?

June 11, 2020


Stress is part of life which can come in different ways. In some cases, stress can occur temporarily due to excess work in the office or moving to a new place. The same manner, exams, and pressure come hand in hand. Board exam, NEET exam, Joint Entrance examination, and any other exam can come with a lot of pressure. If your child is facing stress due to exams then it is essential to get in touch with the best psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

What is the reason for stress?

Students are under a lot of pressure to perform their best during exams. The part of pressure can affect the performance of the student adversely. Students can often jungled up in questions and find the best solution to all the problems. In the exam preparation, they want everything to be perfect. There are many questions which can make them extremely stressed and this can affect their health also.

Examination trauma

Some students get affected by examination trauma critically. It might be quite normal for learners. The fear of assessment will not allow the students to study without tension or freely. This is the reason, the student’s mental health and well-being are at a greater risk.

The students need to get in touch with the psychologist right away to get a better understanding of what is best for their condition. The psychologist will help diagnose the condition and make sure they do not feel stressed about undergoing the exam. Keep in mind, if the condition is not treated on time, then it will increase examination fever which can lead to long-term mental and behavioural disorders.

Fear of an exam can create a stressful situation

In most cases, it is seen that exam fear not only leads to stress but it creates a fear to appear for the test. They feel under pressure to give their best or fear they will have to drop the year so that they can prepare well for the examination. Students promise themselves and their parents that they will get the best marks next year.

But, this is the biggest blunder which they can make. Once, they get out of the race they won’t be able to flow with the ride and give their best. This can make them feel unmotivated and depressed even more. What they can do is appear for the assessment along with few sessions of psychological Counseling

Help with Psychological Counseling

The role of psychological Counseling is given before the exam to assure the stress level is under control. The stress is normal while studying but needs to be controlled so that it does not affect the mental and physical well-being.