What are the topmost signs and symptoms of mental illness in children

What are the topmost signs and symptoms of mental illness in children?

May 31, 2021


In a real-life scenario, most of us know what we need to do when we have a swollen finger, backache, or have an injury. We make sure that we visit the medical expert right away and get the treatment for the same. Although, when it comes to our mental health we try to neglect the situation or do not take it seriously.

People think that it is not right to talk about it or others would judge them. It is high time that stigma attached to mental health needs to be taken away and it is important to get the mental health issues diagnosed on time. Be it an adult or child, both can have problems with mental illness. Initial diagnosis and that too with time will control the situation and it won’t get worse. The initial consultation will make sure the mental health issues like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar Disorder

All of them are diagnosed on time and you will be able to understand ‘How you need to act right?’. Although, there are signs of mental illness that come with the initial stages. So, here we are going to make you go through some of the common signs and symptoms of mental illness in children.

  • Not able to enjoy any type of activity

If your child used to be active and he/she looked forward to doing different activities or going out. But, all of a sudden it seems like they are not growing and the interest is going down. They may spend most of the time alone and there is nothing that seems to interest them. If you think they are trying to distance them, then they are struggling with something deep.

  • Argue with elders, family members, and friends

Due to mental illness, it is common for your child to fight. In such cases, they try to suppress their emotions and do not like to stay in touch with their close ones. In such cases, the parents might think that they are troublemakers, defensive, and going down the wrong path. Although, it is much more than that and it is important to consult a mental health expert.

  • Sudden fluctuation in mood

If you notice your child has sudden mood changes, then make sure to pay attention to those right away. Try to understand if it is due to something particular reason or it occurs at a specific time? Once you understand the reason behind it, you will get to know whether it is linked to trauma, mood disorder, or normal.

  • Do not like to communicate with others

No doubt, it takes time for the children to learn to communicate. But, if they lack in this area seriously then it might be a sign of mental illness. If you notice your child shares less or does not talk about their school life, then it is better to take them for help.

  • Fear about almost everything

Normal fear is common in every individual, but if your child suddenly fears about something, then there might be a bigger issue like anxiety. You should take them to the mental health expert if they fear doing everyday activities like riding the bus or going into the playground.

  • Like to stay in a separate place

Children like to get social and they prefer to go out as much as they can. But, if you notice your child is isolating them more than usual, then it will be a warning sign and you should take them to consult a mental health expert. They might be scared of something and it will be exhausting in the same manner. So, make sure that you take them to the mental health expert, without any delay.

Take them for counseling to the psychiatrist

If you notice the above-mentioned symptoms in your child, then make sure that you take them to the psychiatrist without any delay. During the counseling session, the psychiatrist will find out the exact reason and then your mental health journey will start. Just make sure the problem is not delayed and consult the psychiatrist without any delay. Make sure to tell the doctor how your child is behaving and when did you start noticing a change in them. Schedule the initial appointment at your earliest.