Things you can do to cope up with grief during lockdown

Things you can do to cope up with grief during lockdown

May 1, 2020


The global Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in grief and loss. Many of the major events have been canceled due to this spread of the virus. In this situation, everyone feels like they do not have any control which makes them feel anxious. Read the guide to learn the tips to cope with grief during the lockdown.

Given below are the topmost ways shared by our psychiatrist to cope with grief during the lockdown:

  • Self-care is important

In the situation of a loss, caring for yourself can seem like something unwanted. But, make sure to take care of yourself and the loved ones around you. It is essential that you eat properly, stay hydrated, and get proper rest. Do not let the situation affect you negatively in any manner.

  • Remember what you feel is valid

There is no right or wrong way to feel after you lose someone. The loss of losing someone can result in numbness and you can also feel sad, angry, and depressed. The fact that you are not present with them at the last time can seem unreal. Keep in mind grief is personal and everyone experiences it differently.

You need to give yourself some time to work on the emotions. You need to include the loss of your life.

If you are feeling stressed and do not know what you should do then talk to our medical expert for the stress therapy

  • Take your time

There is no need to rush and you should give yourself time to allow yourself to go through the pain of loss. To accept the loss needs time, but you will get to acknowledge that the person is no longer with you, but you will always have their memories, love, and joy you shared with that person.

  • Talk to the family and friends

The pandemic has also made it difficult to get the support system in the time of loss. According to the CDC guideline, any type of event with more than 10 people is not allowed.

You can contact them through social media, do voice calls or video calls. Ask them to share their memories with them. There is no point in experiencing grief alone. So, use the virtual network to connect with the near and dear ones.

  • Check on others

You should also take the time to see what others are doing. If someone in your known has experienced loss then make sure to reach out to them in any way you can.

  • Get support

If you are struggling to deal with grief, then talk to the medical expert. The therapist will help you get online therapy and give you recommendations to deal with such situations. For more information, you can talk to our medical health care expert today only!