Tips to improve brain fitness

Tips to Improve Brain Fitness

April 28, 2020


Brain fitness follows basic principles which include curiosity and variety. If anything you do becomes sound nature then you need to make a change. In your sleep, if you do the crossword puzzle then you need to take the next move. It is important to understand how things around you work. Read the given guide to learn tips to improve brain fitness.

Given below are the tops tips shared by our psychiatrist to improve the brain fitness:

  • Spend time playing games

Brain fitness programs and games are excellent ways to challenge the brain. Brain speed and memory can be improved with crosswords, sudoku, and electronic games. The games need word skills, math, logic, and many more. Every day you should spend some little time like 15 minutes.

If you are a child who is facing any trouble in daily life then you should consult the child psychiatrist as they can tell you what you need to do.

  • Eat the right kind of food

Your brain needs a healthy amount of fats. You should include fish oils from wild salmon, nuts like walnuts, seeds such as olive oil, and flaxseed. You should include food items that are less saturated fats. Your diet should not have trans fat at all.

  • Spend time meditating

Daily meditation is extremely helpful for your mind and body health. Meditation will not only relax you but it is a great way for the brain to work out. By creating a peaceful mental state will help your brain to have creative and new ways which in turn will promote brain fitness.

  • Share happy stories

Narrating stories is a way that we share moments, interpret events, and solidify memories. You should spend time telling the stories, whether it is new or old so that they can feel fun, interesting, and compelling. When you tell the story it is a great way to keep along with other people and they also have an interest in you.

  • Limit the television time

An average person will watch TV for more than 4 hours every day. If you watch TV continuously it can affect your relationship adversely. So, make sure you turn off the TV and spend some time doing exercise and this also makes your mind fresh.

  • Exercise for your body as well as mind

Physical exercise is a great way to make your brain active. By moving the body, the brain will learn new muscle skills, practice balance, and estimate distance. Choose a different type of exercise that can benefit your overall health.

  • Learn something new

When you spend your time learning something new the brain will be challenged and it will perform in different ways. You can find a new challenge and spend your time completing it. Like it can be cooking or painting something so that your brain responds to the new ideas.