Signs of alcohol addiction

What are Some Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

March 17, 2020


You can easily tell whether both the person has a habit of drinking by recognizing his signs of intoxication. The signs of intoxication are indicated by his slurred speech, poorly coordinated movements, and the smell of alcohol in his breath. However, it may not be that easy to identify signs of addiction. We, at De-addiction centre help, deal with Alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction treatment is possible but not before it is properly identified.

People affected with alcohol use disorder may succeed in hiding many signs of addiction for a long period. People with addiction may ignore them or be in a state of denial about alcohol use.

Signs of alcohol use disorder

It is crucial to pay attention to the warning signs if you are suspicious that your loved one is addicted to alcohol. Be on a lookout for the following signs-

  • Inability  to control the amount  you drink
  • Feeling an uncontrollable craving to drink
  • Having high  “tolerance” to alcohol which means consuming an increasingly larger amount of alcohol to get the same effects
  • Feeling  the need to drink to feel “normal” or “good”
  • Stocking  and hiding alcohol at workplace  and mode of transportation
  • Drinking secretly
  • Feeling irritable  if you can’t drink
  • Not being able to curb the habit even though the person feels negative consequences in his  personal or professional life
  • Experiencing blackouts
  • Withdrawal symptoms which show up in the following forms are also seen in many cases-
  • Sweating
  • nausea
  • hallucinations
  • shaking
  • convulsions
  • vomiting

Diagnosis of alcohol use disorder 

There’s no diagnostic test that can confirm AUD. The doctor may use questionnaires to conclude properly and evaluate the user’s dependence on alcohol.

The doctor may conduct some discussion with the family members, colleagues, and friends to get to the crux of the matter. The doctor may discover the reason for addiction or any behavior that triggers drinking. The doctor will be able to work out the best methodology of treatment for the person.

Alcohol abuse vs alcohol addiction 

Although the term is no longer in use in medical science, Alcohol abuse is a different term from AUD. AUD is the more “severe” of the two conditions. People who abuse alcohol but aren’t addicted may show the same signs and symptoms similar to AUD. However, the people who abuse alcohol don’t have the same cravings as a person with AUD does. A person who has the tendency of alcohol abuse will not be able to control the amount they drink once they start drinking. Alcohol abuse, if remains untreated can lead to AUD.