What are the reasons because of which people suffer from mental illness?

What are the reasons because of which people suffer from mental illness?

April 15, 2021


When a person does not want to think about certain things and gets bothered by something, but still he cannot refrain himself or herself from the same. We should be aware of the fact that the problem is most commonly experienced among the children as compared to the adult. So the parents should have the necessary knowledge about the same and should take their children to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana.

Following are the conditions that are usually responsible for the mental illness?

  • Social discrimination

There are so many people out there who are not qualified enough to judge the people based on their capabilities, but they judge them based on their colour, looks and dressing sense. Not every individual has the same appearance, and being humans we should learn to appreciate that. But as mentioned, some people have not learnt to respect that and they knowingly or unknowingly pass a comment on that which makes the individual feel terrible. And he may suffer from different kinds of mental health problems.

  • Social Isolation

The individuals are isolated from a society based on so many factors, which produces a negative impact on their minds. Leaving the individual isolated because of the discrimination can make him feel inferior.

For example One of our patients was a kid and whose age was 15 years. He was recently migrated from the Punjabi medium school to the English medium school. He did not have a good accent in English and because of that some students in his class never communicated with him and made him feel isolated and left out. He gradually started getting mentally ill. And with the help of our psychiatrist, we were successful in making him get rid of the problem.

  • Unemployment issues

Sometimes the individual somehow loses his job which is completely fine and also not his fault. But our society judges those people negatively and even taunts them for being idle. No matter how hard the individual is trying, they only have to make him feel annoyed. And when this thing gets aggravated, then the individual starts losing his self-esteem which may result in mental health issues.

  • Rape and the acid survivors

The rape and the acid survivors are prone to mental issues. Because of that along with the treatment, the mental therapies are provided to them so that they do not feel that they are inferior to anyone in some sense and they are not.

  • Childhood abuse

There are many instances which we read in the newspaper about childhood abuse. We all do tend to show grief about it, but nobody among us has ever thought that how is this incident causing an effect on the mind of the suffering child.


If you see any child or adult around you who is suffering from some mental disturbance, then try talking to him otherwise he may end up doing something which he should not be doing. Try to make him consulted with the psychiatrist.