What are the signs of drug addictions? Why do people start using drugs?

What are the signs of drug addictions? Why do people start using drugs?

April 28, 2021


Addiction to drugs could be experienced in any individual. According to the psychiatrist in Ludhiana, “When the individual is unable to cope up with the difficult emotional situations, then they are prone to start the intake of the drugs.”In most cases, the drugs are prescribed by a doctor to get healed from the particular condition. But when the consumption of the drugs is done in the unusual behaviour or uncommon dosages, then you should be consulted with the psychiatrist as you are approaching the problem of the drug addiction.

What is drug addiction?

From where it begins?

Drug addiction is defined as the inability to curb the urge to intake the drugs despite the acknowledgement of the fact that how is it harming you.

You might have started the intake of drugs intending to get to know how it makes you feel. Once you are pleased with the feeling, you will be forced to inhale it again and again to experience the same feeling.

Who can get affected by the addiction?

  • Genetical:

If any member of your family was a drug addict, then it could affect you too.

  • Age does matter:

If you have developed the habit of drug intake at a quintessentially young age, then you are more inclined to get attached to it and it would be difficult for you to leave.

  • Pre-existing mental problems

If depression or anxiety are already bothering you, then to make yourself feel better you can fall into the trap of the drugs which have the potential to give you pleasure.

  • Difficult relationships

If you are finding the relationship difficult to maintain or you can not think of the way to get it mended, then you may get bothered with the emotional breakdown and to get rid of that, you may start getting addicted to drugs.

  • Trauma

Any kind of trauma is bad for mental health. The drugs may produce an effect that makes you feel the thing that you have lost.

How do drugs play with the brain?

When we take the drugs, dopamine which is known as the feel-good hormone gets released in our brain which gives us an immensely pleasurable feeling.

In the wake of experiencing that pleasurable feeling again, you want to take the drugs again and again as your brain wants to experience the extra dopamine. With this, the brain of the individual becomes addicted to dopamine and that is triggered by the drugs.

Warning signs

  • Urge to take drugs many times a day
  • Your drug intake has increased
  • You know that the drugs are affecting your social life but still, you can’t resist the urge to intake them.
  • You started disliking the company of your favourites.
  • You do not feel good when you try to stop the intake of the drugs
  • Your every thought is related to drugs


If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then you should consult us to get effective treatment. We are renowned for treating our patients with talking therapies, medications, making them know the importance of self-help and detoxification.