What are the top signs which tell the person should consult a psychiatrist?

What are the top signs which tell the person should consult a psychiatrist?

March 15, 2021



The term ‘Mental Illness’ might seem scary to some individuals. Moreover, there is a stigma attached to this term which makes people think to not get the treatment for mental health. There are different forms of mental disorder like bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. Consulting the psychiatrist in Ludhiana will help to identify the issue, the problems, and possible treatment options. Although it is imperative to understand when you should seek help from the mental health expert, by identifying the possible signs.

Top signs which tell you to get Psychiatrist assistance

  • Inability to control emotions

Everyone has moments, they are sad, angry, or irritable and these are normal feelings to experience. If someone has excessive emotions that they are not able to manage to control. This is one of the biggest indications that the psychiatrist will be able to help you better with your condition. They will help to manage your emotions and prevent this situation from getting worse.

  • Changes in sleeping pattern

If you get quality sleep, then it can greatly benefit your mental health. People with mental health issues will have trouble sleeping. If their mental health is impacting then they will have trouble falling asleep, wake up too many times at night, and might wake up too early. In other words, they won’t get enough sleep at night. Also, if you are not getting enough sleep then it makes it difficult to cope up with mental health problems.

  • Drug abuse

People with mental health issues will choose the option of alcohol or drugs, to help cope up with this situation. Even if the drug use makes you feel stressed or relaxed, it will be a red flag if someone needs it regularly and they do not feel happy without consuming the alcohol or drugs.

  • Affect the performance at work or school

One of the important signs to consult a psychiatrist is that you notice your adolescent is struggling to do better in his/her daily life. It is possible that they start missing out on important deadlines and it makes it difficult for them to concentrate on the daily tasks.

  • Not happy to go out

If you feel not going out in public or avoid social gatherings triggers excessive anxiety, then you need to avoid social situations. With consultation with a psychiatrist, it will help in managing all such emotions.

  • Excessive worry, anxiety, or sadness

The psychiatrist will be able to help you if you feel extremely sad, worried, or stressed about anything & everything. If someone in your know has suicidal thoughts then they need to consult a psychiatrist.

  • Unexplained physical illness

Physical and mental health are linked to each other. It is important to consult the psychiatrist right away if someone has recurring mental health problems and there is no specific cause for them.

  • Frequent nightmares

It is important to consult a psychiatrist if you have nightmares or you have difficulty controlling your temper. Sometimes, even children are not able to control their emotions.

Don’t be afraid to seek help. If you have a feeling of depression, anxiety, or stress, then book your initial consultation with our mental health expert right away.