What is problematic pornography use How does COVID-19 affect it

What is problematic pornography use? How does COVID-19 affect it?

May 18, 2021


In this Lockdown period, people are distressed with the loss of employment and the financial issues. To make them feel pleasant, either they are taking the help of the alcohol addiction or the pornography addiction. According to the researches, the number of people repeatedly visiting pornography sites are increasing. This is not a good condition since it is categorized as one of the dysfunctional behaviours.

Covid and internet usage

  • No sooner than the COVID has forced people to remain in their homes, than the number of Netflix subscribers continuously increases.
  • The internet gaming industry is continuously developing in this Covid period.
  • As per the study conducted in Taiwan, it has been observed that the addiction to internet usage is getting higher among the individuals as compared to the previous years.
  • It has also been surveyed that to derive pleasure people are even switching to illegal porn sites.

We can say that the consequences of the CoronaVirus are coming out to be extremely bad in all aspects.

Pathological internet use

  • By pathological internet use, we mean the problematic use of the internet. The psychological dependence on the internet comes out with extremely dangerous consequences.
  • According to a survey, “ The people find it difficult to spend their time at home in the lockdown if they are not having access to the internet.”
  • If we ask such people whether they could live without the internet for one day, 70% of them will say ‘NO’.

Pornography Addiction

As per the longitudinal study, erotica is the one kind of porn website which is known to be highly addictive. By having constant access to pornography sites, the individuals are getting afflicted with CSBD Disorder which is Compulsive sexual Behaviour disorder.

Problematic Pornography use

Pornography can be highly problematic if the individual has somehow become habitual to visits the porn sites daily and tends to spend a lot of time there. Many researched proofs show that the Problematic use of pornography is an impulsive control disorder

According to the reputed doctors of the Manas hospital, individuals can get rid of pornography by following the subsequent measures.

  • Admit it’s a problem

If you do not admit that watching porn all day long is a problem, you won’t be able to find the appropriate solution for it.

  • Do not leave it at once

If we try to leave a thing forever, we should follow the gradual approach. Leaving that thing all of a sudden will make you more interested and tempted towards it.

  • Set limits

If you want to get rid of the habit of watching porn, then set mobile limits.

  • Try to change your perspective

First of all, we should start thinking ethically. The woman which we are seeing in those porn videos can be someone daughter or wife. It may have happened that she might have been forced to be in this business of sex trafficking.

  • Ask yourself some questions

‘If you are married, then ask yourself some questions like:

  • Are you content with your sexual life?
  • What is lacking in your married life?

Suck kinds of questions will greatly help you to get out of this menace.