Dementia - How To Plan For The Future

What should I do in the future if I have an early onset of dementia?

August 5, 2022


Early-onset Dementia: How to plan for the future?

When people talk about the dementia problem, most of them think the problem is of elderly people or old people. Although, research has shown that the early onset of dementia can even occur in individuals in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. As the condition is common, the way for its management is to get Dementia Treatment in Punjab at the earliest. Proper diagnosis and management are essential, as it goes a long way.

It’s time that we understand to talk openly about the problem, and if something does not feel right, then take prompt action. This way, you are in a better state of knowing what future care holds as the Psychiatrist in Ludhiana guides you towards the informative choice.

Important tips to take care of yourself during dementia

  • Consult an experienced psychiatrists

Most importantly, you need to consult the psychiatrist on time so your treatment journey goes in the right direction without delay. Attending on-time support groups and other factors are the key to balancing everything. Most importantly, have the support of your family and friends.

  • Get to know the way to help

The situation is undoubtedly new, and at times, it can seem overwhelming. But with the right support and doctor’s assistance, you can easily familiarize yourself with what’s right and wrong. Getting a help cue card not just helps you but others around you. They will know what to do next.

  • Keep a close check over the situation

Most importantly, keep a close check over the entire situation. They are undoubtedly at ease carrying out the necessary chores like bathing, driving, and other things. If they do not seem to get things done normally, it can lead to something extremely tragic. It’s essential for dementia patients to stay true to others and what they feel and think.

*In case you are someone who is helping the dementia patient, then be positive and help them without any kind of judgment.

Living with dementia: Manage overall health

Dementia does not have a cure, so you need to work on several things to maintain your quality of life and don’t let the condition affect you too much. For better results, here are a few things that you should follow:

  • Follow all necessary ways to manage the stress levels and detect everything on time. The stress of any sort or fear can make the problem worse. To combat the same, you need to practice yoga and relaxation techniques. It’s important to engage yourself in things that are stressful and make you focus on other necessary chores.
  • Take medications on time and speak to your doctor if something seems to be off or problematic.
  • You should create a to-do list to easily catch everything and boost your overall productivity. It might seem overwhelming, but with the right assistance, everything gets better.

Final word

It’s important to act soon. Make sure to manage the symptoms and talk to the doctor immediately if you have problems speaking, severe behavior change, hallucinations, or other unwanted symptoms. Act before it affects all the important aspects of your life. Schedule initial consultation at Manas Hospital to stay informed about mental well-being.